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Over the next three weeks, Christmas lights across the UK will be switched on before a plethora of excited and enthusiastic families. We will also see a host of famous celebrities perform the deed, with Telford’s local authorities having arguably achieved the biggest coup by signing pop star and reality television sensation Peter Andre.

While you are unlikely to hire a celebrity to turn on your own Christmas lights, however, some households go above and beyond in order to create a truly festive spectacle in their homes. Lighting is a crucial part of this, as it can illuminate a garden space and elevate it above the standard winter scene.

What should you look for in your christmas lights?


Photo source: www.designrulz.com

With this in mind, exactly what features should you look for in your outdoor Christmas lights? Consider the following: 

The type of fitting that you want

Not all outdoor Christmas lights are made equal, and while some are small and affordable others are far larger and can cost a considerable sum of money. Those with smaller gardens will probably be more interested in the type of decorative light chains that can adorn trees and pathways, while larger home-owners will be looking to invest in statement fittings that create a significant wow factor. Regardless of this, the key is to understand these differences and target a viable product.

Prioritise LED Fittings

The next step is to ensure that you buy LED fittings, as these are cost-effect and minimise the amount of energy that you consume during the festive season. We are now in the fifth generation of LED fittings, and the range has evolved through the ages to create a diverse selection of designs that also offer style, variety and artistic value to home-owners. Given that you want your outdoor lights to create a visual spectacle without costing huge amounts of money to operate, LED fittings such as the ones displayed here are worth their weight in gold.


Photo source: www.reddilight.co.uk

A Focal Point for your design

Even if you lack the space or financial resources to invest in large statement pieces for your Christmas light arrangement, you will still need a focal point for the design. Illuminated Christmas trees provide a relevant example, as they are strikingly beautiful and provide a strong and eye-catching source of light. This can be surrounded by light chains and even alternatively coloured bulbs, creating a logical layout and design that suits your garden space.