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We are living in a world of rules and regulations. Wherever we go, whatever we do, we need to be accountable for our actions. We are required to conform to different guidelines set before us. Since we are in a law laden world, knowing when to defend our rights is really a must.

In defending us, lawyers definitely can do the work. An attorney, counselor, or solicitor is a licensed professional who advises and represents others with regards to legal matters.

Not all legal matters require hiring an attorney, e.g. you are caught violating traffic rules like speeding. Laws are vast and complicated and knowing when to get and not to get a lawyer will help you save effort, time, and resources.

What are the specific cases when you really need a lawyer?

Crime Involvement


When you are involved in a criminal offense, you should seek a lawyer to represent you. This area of law deals with offenses that interrupt the regulations of a locale, federal governments, or a state. In this kind of law, there are misdemeanors or just small offenses and felonies or belonging to more serious crimes. Get a lawyer as soon as possible to protect your rights or to defend you whether you are guilty or not. Prevention is better than cure, so get one before you land in jail.



Being a lay man, it will be a struggle to beat deadlines and codes of behavior especially for filling and filing legal documents. You certainly need an assistance of a lawyer for this one. In suing and being sued, the penalties of a damage may result in the loss of a big deal of money or property. To avoid this, you need to get an experienced counselor.

Injuries and Damages


Whether you are the one who is injured or the one who injured, get a seasoned attorney. You are not aware of the laws of compensation rates for damages, so getting someone who knows will give you a breather. This way, you will be sure that every money that comes out of your pocket for paying the actual damages is a reasonable one.

Divorce, Wills, and Rights


Complicated cases of divorce, wills, and rights where issues of savings, support, property, and investments are quite a feat. Hiring an able attorney to untangle the mess is a must. You need all the help you can get in terms of legal matters since these kinds of cases are going to be emotionally taxing.

Declaring Bankruptcy


You cannot file for bankruptcy without a lawyer so you really need one. Never try to navigate all of the legal requirements alone. Get a competitive lawyer. Having an attorney by your side will help you in making important decisions about your business and what you will do if you have to close it down.


Spare yourself from all the problems that could come your way by tapping a lawyer. There are a lot of Corpus Christi lawyers out there who are ready to extend legal assistance. A good legal representation may come with a price but neglect it when you need one may be a more costly act. Armed with these, you now know when to get or not to get a lawyer.



People who invest their money are rightly concerned about where their money goes. It may be no surprise to some that 2015 saw a rise in securities class action lawsuits. The number was higher than several previous years. A securities class action case is brought about when an investor suffers a loss due to a violation of securities laws. The cases often involve misinformation or significant facts being omitted to investors. When the truth is revealed, investors can bring a case against the company. They can seek to secure damages for the economic injury they suffered. Many people can gain large settlements as the result of their case.


Source: smlp.co.uk

Information from The D&O Diary revealed there were a record number of US class action suits last year. In particular, there was an increase in cases against IPO companies. During 2015, there were 186 securities lawsuits filed. The number is higher than any year since 2011. In 2014, there were only 170 suits filed, meaning an increase of 9% last year. The 186 cases were filed in federal court, and there were a further five in state court. Both of the figures together make the highest number since 2008.

Securities lawsuits are already off to a start in 2016. There are some notable names among those who have been hit with a class action lawsuit. For example, GoPro is one of the companies already facing a suit this year. In the second week of January, an investor alleged they covered up information about the company’s struggles. Joseph Bodri is saying that GoPro kept quiet about their underperforming Hero4 Session camera. He also says that they mislead investors about the projections for the first quarter of this year. Another company that has been hit with class action lawsuits is healthcare leader Merck.

A number of law firms and attorneys specialize in securities class action cases. The specifics involved in these cases can be very complicated. Anyone not well-versed in both law and financial matters would need to secure a lawyer to file a case. Martin Chitwood is one of the USA’s leading experts in the field. He and his firm have extensive experience with securities class actions. He and other attorneys who work with this type of litigation have in-depth knowledge of a number of issues. They need to know about not just securities law, but the other factors surrounding a class action case.


Source: Beth Cortez-Neavel

According to D&O, the increase in securities class action lawsuits is due mainly to one thing. Increase activity from IPO companies has contributed greatly. There was an increase in IPO-related cases during 2015. They totaled 29 in state and federal courts. Of all the suits filed, they make up about 15% of securities class action cases during the year. In 2014, there were only 17, which was just 10% of the total for that year. The higher number of lawsuits against foreign companies can also be taken into account.

Perhaps 2016 will also see a higher number of class action lawsuits. If there are, expect to see them in the pharmaceutical and tech industries. These were the two that featured heavily last year.