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Changing your home around requires dedication from not just you but any tradesmen and suppliers you use. In particular, you need to make sure that any suppliers you use are reputable and trustworthy. You don’t want them to not be able to deliver on a product, especially if they are something as crucial as a wood and laminate flooring supplier. Here are some of the things you should look out for.

A Large Stock

Obviously, the first thing you want them to have is a large amount of stock. If they have more stock, you are going to have more to browse through and a lot of options to choose from. Even if you have your heart set on oak flooring, you might be shocked to find out just how many different types of oak flooring is out there. Being able to browse through lots of stock might be overwhelming but it might even result in you considering something you had not thought about before.


Finding the right floor is extremely difficult and you need to make sure that you have the perfect one. Though laminate is far cheaper than real wood, you still want to make sure that you have chosen exactly the right one. Samples allow you to take a piece of the floor home and try it out in the room you want to put it. You can see how it will look at different times of the day as well as trying out in various corners of the room to make sure that it will look good everywhere.

Samples are also good if you don’t live near the wood and laminate flooring supplier. You might not be able to visit their store directly. However, the sample will allow you to see exactly what the floor is going to look and feel like just as if you were able to see a sample in their store.

Collection or Delivery

Depending on the location and nature of your build, it might be easier for you to opt for either collection or delivery. For example, you might find another supplier nearby who offers something else you need like kitchen cabinets. It might be easier for you to arrange collection for both and then hire a van to do it yourself. Likewise, it might just be easier for you to arrange delivery. The right flooring supplier should be able to offer nationwide delivery and they might even be able to deliver on the continent too.

These are just some of the things you should be looking at when considering whether or not you will buy from a certain wood and laminate flooring supplier. Don’t forget that they also need to offer the perfect price for you! Even if they are able to offer all of the above, you might find that their prices are beaten elsewhere. Take time with your research and it won’t be long before you have found the perfect room for your build. You won’t regret taking the time!

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When you are choosing floors for your home, it is incredibly important that you consider both the material you use and its durability in addition to the colour and style. One type of floor which will always look classy and timeless no matter what is oak laminate flooring. This might be the perfect addition to your home and it will seamlessly tie into a few different styles. Here are some of the best rooms for you to lay down oak laminate flooring.


If you have a hallway from your front door instead of just opening straight into a room then you might want to look into an oak laminate floor for the flooring. This will create a beautiful room which will serve as a fantastic place to welcome people into your home from. The hallway is the first place visitors will see when they come in so you want it to be as impactful as possible.

You might think that laminate flooring is not hard-wearing enough to protect against all the wear and tear a hallway might face. However, it is an incredibly hard-wearing surface and it will last much longer than you think. What’s more, it is also incredibly easy to keep clean so no matter how much mud you trek in, it will be easy to clean up again.


The right oak laminate flooring can make for a beautiful and unusual floor for a bathroom. Most people would expect a tile or a vinyl floor for a bathroom but a laminate floor can create just as interesting an impact if used correctly.

Just make sure you get a waterproof one if you decide to opt for an oak laminate flooring for a bathroom. Laminate flooring has a tendency to warp if too much water gets on it; something which is not ideal for a bathroom. Waterproof laminate flooring has been properly treated to ensure that it cannot warp in the same ways.

Living Room

A family’s living room is used for a variety of things. Some people like to use it as a place to come together to watch television, others use it as a place to chill out with a book, and some even use it as a place to eat. With all uses comes the chances for spills and scuffs from furniture being moved out.

You need a floor which is going to stand up to whatever your family can throw at it. This is why oak laminate flooring is one of the best options you could choose. It is durable and, with a little protection for your floors in the form of felt stoppers on the feet of your furniture, it should last you a very long time.

These are just some of the rooms you could place oak laminate flooring. It is by far one of the most versatile floors out there and will help you to create a beautiful room no matter where you try to use it in your home. Choose the first room you are going to place oak laminate flooring in today!

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Autumn is the perfect time to start thinking about some of the ways you can make your bedroom all the more cosy and snug in preparation for the cold winter months. From something as simple as new bedding to completely overhauling how the room looks, there are plenty of ways you can get prepared as the nights get longer.

A New Colour Scheme

If you feel like your room is a little bit tired then one of the first things you can do is change out the colour scheme. A new wall colour might be the perfect thing you need to reset things and make everything feel like you have just moved in again. Try to go with no more than three colours if possible. You should try to aim for something either bright or dark, an accent colour, and a neutral to tie them all together.

You can even very easily rejig the room so you can easily switch things out if you like to change things frequently. All you need to do is opt for something neutral for the walls and furniture. Focus the colours in the soft furnishings and other things which are going to be easy to change.

Laminate Flooring

While you might first think that a carpet would be best for a bedroom, especially when going into winter, you might be surprised to learn that laminate flooring is also a great option. One of the key reasons why laminate flooring is just as good is that it is one of the flooring types that can have underfloor heating placed underneath it.

This is truly a touch of luxury and can completely transform your bedroom. Whilst it is lovely to dig your toes into a thick carpet on a cold winter’s morning, being able to step directly onto a warm floor is just as nice.

Better Bedding

You might think that your current bedding is fine but the colder winter weather is the perfect excuse to invest in a thick duvet and some high-quality bedding. For the winter, you want a duvet which is about 13.5 tog to help keep you warm. You can also find many amazing blankets to heap on top and help you keep even warmer.

The material of the bedding itself is incredibly important too. For winter, we would recommend brushed cotton. It has all the advantages of cotton such as breathability whilst also being incredibly warm and cosy. With this on your bed, you will want to curl up and never get out again!

Update Your Wardrobe

When was the last time you went through all of your clothes and decided what you want to keep? If the answer was not very recently then you should definitely think about doing a sort through; especially if you have bought new wardrobes as part of your update. It is much nicer to fill the new wardrobe and have some room for new purchases instead of cramming everything you currently own into the new one.

If you cannot cut down your wardrobe, or you feel like you still don’t have enough space, consider buying some discrete storage for under the bed. This will allow you to put your bulky winter clothing out the way in summer while also allowing you to put some of your nicer summer dresses away when you aren’t going to be wearing them.

Think About Lighting

Most people light their bedrooms very simply with a pendant light above and a bedside light for when it is time to go to sleep. However, redecorating offers you the perfect chance to play with lighting in your room. The way you light your room can actually help you to zone your room quite successfully.

Do you have a designated dressing area? You can now source lights quite easily which brightly light your face when doing your makeup and can even change colour to let you know how you will look in different light sources. If you have a desk, a small lamp here can help you feel like it is a place to work in. Finally, check that your bedside lights aren’t too bright. You want to be able to comfortably read in bed but you don’t want them to be so bright that you may as well have the top light on.

Consider Cutting Down on the Electronics

It has been shown time and time again that too much blue light can seriously interfere with your sleep patterns. Being able to watch TV in bed is a true luxury but it is not always the best for your night’s sleep. As difficult as it might be, try to move your television out of your bedroom and save that piece of luxury for hotels.

Likewise, if you use your phone as your alarm clock, try to place it on night mode when you are sleeping and make sure it is not in the bed with you. Have a side table you can definitively place it on to keep it out the way. The night mode will also save your eyes from the harsh blue light of the phone if you wake up early and want to check the time. If you are using a digital alarm clock instead, make sure that it has some sort of night mode.

Make It You

No matter what you are doing, you need to make sure that your remodel is completely and utterly you in design. Everyone would like a room to look like it is straight from a magazine but that just isn’t always feasible. If you prefer a certain configuration of furniture, make sure you put it in. Hang up photos, put a vase of your favourite flowers on your chest of drawers. It is your bedroom and you need to make sure that it is a place you want to stay in, no matter what.