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Kris Humphries proposed to Kim Kardashian in a blaze of romantic glory, spelling out the words “will you marry me” in red rose petals, before producing a $2 million dollar diamond ring.

Now it has emerged that Kris Humphries’ televised proposal to Kim Kardashian was not all it seemed.

Kris Humphries has told his inner circle of trusted friends that Kim Kardashian “planned” exactly how he would pop the question, Radar Online reported.

“Kim told Kris how, where and when to propose, it was absolutely no surprise to her whatsoever,” a source close to the situation told RadarOnline.

Kris Humphries apparently had wanted to propose to Kim Kardashian in his home state of Minnesota, but ended up popping the question in the bedroom of her Los Angeles mansion.

The proposal, which took place last May, was captured on reality show Keeping Up With The Kardashians, shown last September.

The source added: “First of all, Kris proposed in the middle of the day, and he had to do that because it would create better lighting to capture the moment.

“Kim looked so surprised but she knew it was happening. She was in full hair and make-up, as she always is on the show.

“Kris wanted it to be very intimate and romantic, but all of his ideas were shot down by production officials and Kim.”

The insider said: “Kim told him the paparazzi would ruin the special moment if it were to take place in a public setting, like the beach, which he had also considered. How romantic could it be with three camera crews?”

The proposal showed Kris Humphries painstakingly spelling out “Will You Marry Me” in Kim Kardashian’s room.

Kris Humphries has told his inner circle of trusted friends that Kim Kardashian “planned” exactly how he would pop the question

Kris Humphries has told his inner circle of trusted friends that Kim Kardashian “planned” exactly how he would pop the question

And when Kim Kardashian walked into her bedroom to find Kris Humphries down on one knee with his proposal spelled out in front of him in rose petals she told him: “You’re crazy”, to which he replied: “You’re perfect”.

Kim Kardashian was initially speechless, but when Kris Humphries opened the ring box to reveal an enormous $2 million diamond she immediately blurted out: “Oh my God, yes”.

Her mother Kris Jenner even helped plan the proposal, dubbing it “operation pumpkin”.

Kim Kardashian famously filed for divorce from Kris Humphries after just 72 days after their “fairytale” California wedding which took place in August.

The latest allegation comes after reports surfaced that other elements in the hit reality show are staged.

Kim Kardashian and her mother Kris Jenner were seen having a chart about the breakdown of Kim’s marriage in a recent episode of Kourtney & Kim Take New York which was set when the women were in Dubai.

Recent reports have alleged that the scene was actually shot in December and edited into the episode.

Photographs of the pair, taken on December 6, showed the pair leaving a TV studio, with Kim Kardashian dressed in the exact same outfit, with the same hair style and earrings, as she is seen wearing in the scene supposedly shot in mid-October in Dubai.

Kris Jenner was followed out of the studio by an assistant carrying the purple kaftan-style dress she is seen wearing in the back of the limo.

Radar has previously reported that Kim Kardashian has full editorial control over what is aired on her reality shows.

“Kim was stunned by the amount of bad press and the public relations nightmare she has endured since deciding to file for divorce,” a source told Radar.

“Kim will be using the show to attempt to rehab her image.

“Kim has been telling her inner circle that she has worked very hard to get where she has, and she isn’t going to let her marriage and subsequent decision to divorce Kris Humphries ruin that.”

Meanwhile, before last week’s episode aired, Kris Humphries sent out a cryptic tweet: “I can’t wait for the truth to come out! People will be surprised or maybe they won’t. #FCC.”

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