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Changzhou Sues Rival Future Motion over Hoverboard Patent Infringement Claim

Chinese hoverboard maker Changzhou First International Trade is seeking $100,000 in damages plus reimbursement of its legal fees after the US-based rival, Future Motion, dropped its claim of patent infringement.

Last month, Future Motion’s complaint led to Changzhou First International Trade’s products being seized at the CES tech trade show.

Changzhou said there had been no reasonable basis for its rival’s case.

Both Future Motion and Changzhou make electric-powered hoverboards that are unusual for having a single central wheel rather than one at each end.

US marshals enforced a restraining order after receiving a complaint from Future Motion, which led to the closure of Changzhou’s stall at the CES tech show on January 7.Changzhou and Future Motion hoverboard

Changzhou subsequently rejected the allegations, saying a side-by-side comparison of the two firms’ products demonstrated that the platform, footpad and tires designs were “plainly dissimilar to the ordinary observer”.

Furthermore, Changzhou said that the actual scope of Future Motion’s patents was much narrower than had been indicated and that the US company could in no way could claim the rights to “all one-wheeled, self-balancing vehicles”.

Future Motion maintains its claims, dismissing the first of the points as “legal puffery” and insisting that it still believes its intellectual property was infringed.

However, on February 4, Future Motion told the court that it wanted to voluntarily dismiss the case after they achieved their goal of preventing Changzhou’s exhibition at CES.

Changzhou has since petitioned the judge to re-open the case saying it wants to be reimbursed for “business expenses incurred, lost sales suffered, and reputational damage”.

Moreover, Changzhou is also demanding Future Motion be forced to issue a press release notifying the public that it had dismissed its original claims.

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