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Jeffrey Epstein‘s alleged victims have urged Prince Andrew to co-operate with an inquiry into the financier.

Attorney Lisa Bloom, representing five women who say they were abused by the financier, said Jeffrey Epstein’s accusers were “outraged” by the Duke of York not assisting the US authorities.

It comes after the prosecutor in charge of the US investigation said Prince Andrew had provided “zero co-operation”.

The prince has said he did not witness or suspect any suspicious behavior during visits to Jeffrey Epstein’s homes.

Jeffrey Epstein Case: New Accuser Jane Doe 15 Calls on Prince Andrew to Talk

Jeffrey Epstein Case: Prince Andrew Defends His Friendship with US Financier

Prince Andrew named in US lawsuit against Jeffrey Epstein

Prince Andrew has come under fire for his friendship with Jeffrey Epstein – a convicted sex offender who took his own life in a jail cell in August at the age of 66, while awaiting trial on  trafficking and conspiracy charges.

Last November, the prince said that he was willing to help the authorities into the investigation of Jeffrey Epstein.

However, attorney Geoffrey Berman said prosecutors and the FBI have received no reply after contacting Prince Andrew’s lawyers.

Linda Bloom said the duke should “do the right thing”.

Buckingham Palace said Prince Andrew’s legal team was dealing with the issue and it would not be commenting further.

Another lawyer representing some of Jeffrey Epstein’s accusers, Gloria Allred, said she had sent a letter to Prince Andrew’s home urging him to co-operate but hadn’t received a response.


A new woman has come forward to accuse Jeffrey Epstein of abusing her as a 15-year-old, and called for Prince Andrew to share information on his former friend.

The woman, identified as “Jane Doe 15”, told reporters she suffered a “vicious, prolonged… assault”.

Jane Doe 15, now 31, is the latest of more than a dozen women to sue Epstein’s estate for alleged abuses.

It comes amid controversy over Prince Andrew’s ties to the disgraced finacier.

Jeffrey Epstein Case: Prince Andrew Defends His Friendship with US Financier

Prince Andrew named in US lawsuit against Jeffrey Epstein

In a recent interview, Prince Andrew was pressed on his friendship with Jeffrey Epstein, and an accusation made by Virginia Giuffre that he had intercourse with her at Epstein’s house when she was 17.

Prince Andrew denied having any relation with Ms Giuffre, but the interview created a wave of criticism directed at the royal.

Jane Doe 15 gave a press conference in Los Angeles on November 18 with her lawyer, Gloria Allred. She accused Jeffrey Epstein of abusing her at his New Mexico ranch when she was 15, after she had met his secretary during a 2004 school trip to New York.

According to Jane Doe 15’s lawsuit, the secretary told her Jeffrey Epstein was interested in helping girls from poorer backgrounds. She was flown on his private jet to his ranch in New Mexico with several other young girls, she said. Jane Doe 15 alleges he told her to give him a massage, then assaulted her.

Jeffrey Epstein, 66, hanged himself in jail in August while awaiting trial. He was accused of abusing dozens of young girls, some as young as 14. He pleaded not guilty.

Jane Doe 15 did not accuse Prince Andrew of any wrongdoing but called on him to come forward with more information.

She said: “Prince Andrew, and any others who were close to Epstein, should come forward and give a statement under oath on what information they have.”

Attorney Gloria Allred said she had called on Prince Andrew to “voluntarily meet with the FBI and prosecutors who are investigating this criminal case in New York, and also to provide his deposition under oath”.

Prince Andrew has opened up for the first time to defend his former friendship with US financier Jeffrey Epstein, saying “at no stage” did he “see or suspect” any criminal behavior.

Jeffrey Epstein, 66, took his own life in a jail cell this month while awaiting trial on trafficking charges.

In a statement, Prince Andrew said he wanted to “clarify the facts” around his “former association or friendship” with Epstein.

The Duke of York, 59, said it was a “mistake” to meet Epstein after he left prison in 2010.

He said: “During the time I knew him, I saw him infrequently and probably no more than only once or twice a year.

“I have stayed in a number of his residences. At no stage during the limited time I spent with him did I see, witness or suspect any behavior of the sort that subsequently led to his arrest and conviction.”

Prince Andrew – who said he first met Jeffrey Epstein in 1999 – added that he had “tremendous sympathy” for all those affected by Epstein’s behavior.

The duke said: “His suicide has left many unanswered questions and I acknowledge and sympathize with everyone who has been affected and wants some form of closure.”

Allegations against Jeffrey Epstein began to surface in 2005 when the parents of a 14-year-old girl told police in Florida he had molested their daughter at his Palm Beach home.

The financier was accused of paying underage girls to perform s** acts at his Manhattan and Florida mansions between 2002 and 2005.

A controversial secret plea deal saw Jeffrey Eptstein plead guilty to a lesser charge of soliciting a minor for prostitution. The tycoon received an 18-month prison sentence and was released on probation in 2010.

Prince Andrew named in US lawsuit against Jeffrey Epstein

Prince Andrew was photographed with Jeffrey Epstein in New York’s Central Park in late 2010 – after the financier was released from jail.

Footage has also emerged reportedly showing Prince Andrew at Epstein’s mansion in Manhattan in 2010.

In the statement, released on August 24, the prince added: “I have said previously that it was a mistake and an error to see him after his release in 2010 and I can only reiterate my regret that I was mistaken to think that what I thought I knew of him was evidently not the real person, given what we now know.

“This is a difficult time for everyone involved and I am at a loss to be able to understand or explain Mr. Epstein’s lifestyle.

“I deplore the exploitation of any human being and would not condone, participate in, or encourage any such behavior.”

In July 2019, Jeffrey Epstein was charged in New York with further allegations of trafficking and conspiracy and was due to face trial next year.

Jeffrey pleaded not guilty to all the charges but if convicted, was facing up to 45 years in prison.