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Gavin DeGraw resumes tour 15 days after was beaten and hit by car


Gavin DeGraw hospitalized beaten by criminals and hit by car


Chariot singer Gavin DeGraw will begin a tour on October 9 with American Idol seven season winner, David Cook and Swedish alternative rock band, Carolina Liar.


Gavin DeGraw starts fall tour in October.

Gavin DeGraw starts fall tour in October.

The tour starts in State College, Pennsylvania and ends in Orlando, Florida on November 12. David Cook will co-headline Gavin DeGraw in all cities, except Orlando. Carolina Liar will open for them in Columbus, Ohio  on October 10 and will be special guest in all cities but York, Pennsylvania, Cleveland, Ohio, Greenville, South Carolina.The tickets are available from September 16, but a pre-sale started on Wednesday.

David Cook will perform from his new album This Loud Morning. The Last Goodbye single was very well received as well as Fade Into Me. Cook’s The Time of My Life went platinum.


From September 14, Gavin DeGraw new album Sweeter (which will be release on September 20 on RCA Records) can be pre-ordered at walmart.com.



Gavin DeGraw fourth studio album has a “wide variety of styles” which due to his wide range of musical influences. Gavin enjoys “classic soul music, rock, modern rock and certain types of just beat rhythm music” and the ten tracks are “really a combination of all the stuff.”


Gavin DeGraw will play melodies from Sweeter on the tour. Not Over You( (not related with his ex-girlfriend he said) is “a soulful majestic ballad” (Entertainment Weekly), a“hot single” and his “welcome return” to the airwaves (People Magazine).

Gavin DeGraw Sweeter will be released on September 20.

Gavin DeGraw Sweeter will be released on September 20.

Gavin DeGraw debut album Chariot sold more than 1 million copies, earned platinum certification and had three hits:  I Don’t Want To Be, Follow Through, Chariot. In Love With A Girl, and the gold-certified We Belong Together are the hits from his second album. DeGraw had a tour with rockers  Maroon 5 and Train over the summer.


Gavin DeGraw interrupted the summer tour on August 8 because early in the morning he was beaten by three men and hit by a car, had a broken nose, concussion and bruises and was admitted to the hospital for a day.


The piano player told Today that the scars were mainly internal (poor memory regarding that night). Singer said he had been out for a drink with friends and had been walking home down a street in New York’s East Village. Three persons said something to him (“the tone was weird”) and “the lights went out.” Still no arrest has been made.

“I was very bloody, which caused me to panic, which made it that much worse. I am told I got clipped by a taxi. My head was so rocked from the concussion that my balance was off and my vision was blurred. The 911 call was, ‘Hey, I just saw this guy get hit by a taxi.’ Whether I got clipped by it, or possibly went up to it to say ‘can you help me?’ (I don’t know).”

Gavin DeGraw making of a Video "NOT OVER YOU"

Gavin DeGraw making of a Video "NOT OVER YOU" (Photo by Brad Barket/PictureGroup)

Gavin DeGraw said he had other priorities than his voice affected by broken nose, to meet his family at his mother’s 60th birthday the next week.

“We were all supposed to meet in Nashville for a show, and just seeing their faces after this was really the worst thing. But then after realizing how bad off I was by the looks on their faces, that’s when I started concentrating on my voice and thinking I could have trouble.”


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