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Trump Physical 2019: President Trump Is in Very Good Health, Says White House Doctor

President Donald Trump is “in very good health”, the White House doctor, Sean Conley, said after a four-hour physical examination.

Dr. Sean Conley added: “I anticipate he will remain so for the duration of his presidency and beyond.”

He and other 11 medical specialists put President Trump through a series of tests in a Washington suburb.

Donald Trump, 72, had previously been asked to lose at least 10lb and there is no evidence that he has done so.

White House aides report that the president is eating more fish than he used to, according to Reuters.

However, according to spokesman Hogan Gidley, President Trump “admits” he has not followed his diet and exercise plan “religiously”.

No further details on President Trump’s health have been released.

At the first physical of his presidency, which took place last year, Donald Trump was found to weigh 239lb and have a cholesterol level that is slightly higher than recommended.

President Trump is known to take medication for heart health and against cholesterol and male pattern hair loss.

His body mass index (BMI) indicates he is overweight but not obese.

Donald Trump’s health has attracted attention before. During his campaign he produced a letter that said he would be the “healthiest individual ever elected to the presidency”. However, the doctor named as its author later said Donald Trump had written the letter himself.

President Donald Trump Is in Excellent Health After Physical Exam, White House Doctor Says

Donald Trump Is In Excellent Physical Health, Says Dr. Harold Bornstein

In 2018, Dr. Ronny Jackson said the president had “incredible genes” and it was not a matter of concern that he only slept for four or five hours a night because this was “just his nature”.

However, Donald Trump has been reported to eat large amounts of fast food and steaks, washed down by up to 12 cans of Diet Coke a day.