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Iron Maiden’s Bruce Dickinson has announced he is healing well since being treated for cancer earlier this year.

Bruce Dickinson was diagnosed last year after two tumors – including one the size of a golf ball – were found at the back of his tongue.

In an interview with BBC, Iron Maiden’s frontman said: “You can imagine to get rid of that with radiation – the inside of my head has been cooked pretty effectively.”

He said although his voice was fine, it will take a while “to heal up”.Bruce Dickinson cancer recovery

“I can sing, I can talk – I haven’t gone out and done the equivalent of trying to run 100 metres in the same way I used to sing before,” he said.

“I only finished coming out of treatment two months ago and the doctor said it will take a year to be better.

“We’ve beaten that by about six months so far, but I’m not going to push things to prove a point.”

Iron Maiden announced in May the band would not be touring or playing any shows until 2016 when Bruce Dickinson will be “back to full strength”.

Bruce Dickinson said since he was given the all clear by doctors, he was now “looking forward to having a bit of a knees up” because “it’s a good excuse to celebrate a wonderful thing”.

“I’ve been through what a load of people go through every day,” he said.

“There’s thousands of people every day in the UK and around the world who have treatment for this kind of thing. In that respect the only thing that’s special about it is that I’m quite a well-known person. I’ve been very fortunate. I’ve had a really good bounce back.”

Talking about when he was first diagnosed with cancer, Bruce Dickinson said the only symptoms he had noticed was a lump in his neck – cause by the second, smaller tumor.

“I went to the doc and he went <<oooh that’s a bit weird>>,” the singer said.

“He took a scan of it, had a look, had a poke around, and went <<you have head and neck cancer>>. So I went <<that’s a bit of a blow>> – but you crack on and you get on with it.”

Bruce Dickinson was speaking at the Silver Clef Awards in London, where Iron Maiden were honored for their outstanding contribution to UK music.


Iron Maiden’s Bruce Dickinson is being treated for tongue cancer, a statement on the metal band’s website said.

The statement said Bruce Dickinson was diagnosed just before Christmas after a small cancerous tumor was found at the back of his tongue.

Bruce Dickinson has just completed a seven-week course of chemotherapy and radiology treatment and is expected to make a full recovery.

“As the tumor was caught in the early stages, the prognosis thankfully is extremely good,” the statement said.Bruce Dickinson tongue cancer

“Bruce’s medical team fully expect him to make a complete recovery with the all clear envisaged by late May.”

The statement also asked for patience and respect for the singer, who is also a pilot and businessman, and his family’s privacy.

An update on his progress will be given by the end of May.

The tumor was discovered after a routine doctor’s check-up led to tests and a biopsy.

The statement concluded that “Bruce is doing very well considering the circumstances and the whole team are very positive”.

Iron Maiden finished a three-year world tour in July 2014 with a headline slot at the Sonisphere Festival.

While on stage Bruce Dickinson hinted a new album could be on its way.


Former Iron Maiden drummer Clive Burr has died at the age of 56 after suffering from multiple sclerosis.

Steve Harris, Iron Maiden’s founder and bass player, said it was “terribly sad news” in an announcement on the group’s website.

“He was a wonderful person and an amazing drummer who made a valuable contribution to Maiden in the early days when we were starting out.”

Clive Burr joined Iron Maiden in 1979 and played on their first three albums.

Lead singer Bruce Dickinson also paid tribute, saying: “Even during the darkest days of his MS, Clive never lost his sense of humor or irreverence.”

Clive Burr played on the band’s debut album Iron Maiden (1980), Killers (1981) and their number one 1982 album The Number of the Beast.

Megadeath bassist David Ellefson, who left his tribute on Facebook, said: “He was one of my all time favourite Metal drummers.”

“So sad,” said Brian Slagal, CEO of Metal Blade Records, on Twitter.

“Clive was a great guy.”

“Always remember CLIVE for eternity,” said Iron Maiden tribute band Coverslave in their own Twitter tribute.

Former Iron Maiden drummer Clive Burr has died at the age of 56 after suffering from multiple sclerosis

Former Iron Maiden drummer Clive Burr has died at the age of 56 after suffering from multiple sclerosis

Born in 1957 in east London, Clive Burr was a member of British metal band Samson before joining Iron Maiden.

“I first met Clive when he was leaving Samson and joining Iron Maiden,” said Bruce Dickinson.

“He was a great guy and a man who really lived his life to the full.”

Clive Burr left the band in December 1982, just as they were about to become a global stadium headliner.

When he was diagnosed with multiple sclerosis in 2001, his former Maiden bandmates formed the Clive Burr MS Trust Fund to help raise money for his living costs.

They performed a number of concerts in his honor when he struggled to keep up payments on his house.

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Pukkelpop 2011 stages collapsed in Belgium.


[googlead tip=”patrat_mare”]Belgian festival Pukkelpop 2011 deaths toll raised to five after a severe storm struck, knocking down screens and collapsing tents and stages, officials said on Friday.


Another eight festival attendees were seriously injured according to Hilde Claes, mayor of the eastern Belgian city of Hasselt, were festival have been held. The mayor also told Belgian television that some 65 people had more minor injuries.

Belgian Pukkelpop Festival 2011 death toll raised to five

Belgian Pukkelpop 2011 deaths toll raised to five.


[googlead tip=”lista_medie” aliniat=”stanga”]About 65,000 mainly young people were attending Pukkelpop 2011 when the storm struck early in the evening. Many were sheltering in large festival tents, which were whipped away by the wind.


“The storm struck in an incredibly sudden way,” said Hilde Claes, who was there.

“It was a real whirlwind. I have never seen anything like it in Hasselt before.”


The three-day Pukkelpop 2011 was set to have featured rapper Eminem, Foo Fighters, 30 seconds to Mars and The Offspring among others.


According to a post on Pukkelpop 2011 official website, the organizers decided early on Friday to cancel the rest of the festival.


“Pukkelpop is in deep mourning. We truly sympathise with the families and friends of the victims.

Words are not enough. We have struggled with the decision to continue the festival. Therefore we have decided to cancel Pukkelpop 2011.

What has happened is very exceptional and could not have been predicted. We are deeply moved by… “


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[googlead tip=”vertical_mediu” aliniat=”stanga”] Pukkelpop is an annual music festival which takes place near the city of Hasselt, Belgium in mid-to-late August. It is held within a large enclosure of fields and woodland – between a dual carriageway called Kempische Steenweg – in the village of Kiewit, approximately 7 km north of Hasselt. It is the second largest music festival in the country after Rock Werchter, with an attendance rate of 180,000 over the course of the event in 2009.

The programme is noted for its wide variety of alternative music, spanning styles such as rock, pop, electronic, dance, hip-hop, punk and heavy metal. The event’s organizers aim the festival to be a “progressive and contemporary” musical event. Notable acts that have performed at previous editions include Sonic Youth, The Mission, Ramones, Nirvana, The Sisters of Mercy, Red Hot Chili Peppers, Neil Young, The Smashing Pumpkins, Radiohead, Foo Fighters, Metallica, Green Day, Guns N’ Roses, Pixies, Daft Punk, The Prodigy, Nine Inch Nails and Iron Maiden. The term “pukkel” is the Dutch word for “pimple”.

The Belgian tragedy comes just five days after another five people died when an outdoor concert stage collapsed in heavy winds at the Indiana State Fair in the United States.

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