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Whitney Houston’s final days described in Vanity Fair article “The Devils in the Diva”


Whitney Houston’s premature death at 48 in Beverly Hilton Hotel triggered a slew of media speculation and rumors about her alleged drug use and troubled personal relationships.

Now, a Vanity Fair article has shed new light on Whitney Houston’s personal life and last days in Los Angeles, three months after she was found drowned in a hotel bathtub.

One of the more bizarre anecdotes is recounted byKarrine Steffans,  a former girlfriend of Whitney Houston’s ex-husband Bobby Brown, in which she describes a confrontation between the New Edition star and the singer’s toy boy beau Ray J back in 2006.

In the Vanity Fair article, entitled The Devils in the Diva, Karrine Steffans recalls a phone call from Ray J following Whitney Houston’s split with Bobby Brown.

“He said, <<Is Bob (Bobby Brown) still staying with you?>>” remembers Karrine Steffans.

“I said, <<Yeah, he’s right here>>. And Ray said, <<Tell him I f***ed both of his chicks, you and now his wife>>.”

Echoing Bobby Brown’s interview with The Today Show this week where he denied introducing Whitney Houston to drugs, Karrine Steffans says: “Bob’s big thing was everyone blamed him for her downfall, but when he met her she was already using drugs.

“He always felt very angry about that. He told me, <<What everybody saw wasn’t the real Whitney>>. He always said her private persona – which you saw on [reality show] Being Bobby Brown – was who she really was.”

Vanity Fair article has shed new light on Whitney Houston's personal life and last days in Los Angeles

Vanity Fair article has shed new light on Whitney Houston's personal life and last days in Los Angeles

Being Bobby Brown aired on U.S. network Bravo back in 2005 and documented Whitney Houston’s marriage to the singer, which ended in divorce in 2007.

Ray J was regularly seen with Whitney Houston the week before she died, with the last photograph of the star taken two days prior to her death.

Those pictures of Whitney Houston showed her looking sweaty and disheveled as she emerged from the Thru nightclub in Hollywood with a small entourage.

Her hairdresser Tiffanie Dixon remembers that night, telling Vanity Fair that Whitney Houston returned to the hotel where they both read the Bible together. “Her glasses were broken but she read by holding the little single lens,” she says.

On the day she died, Whitney Houston breakfasted with three strangers – men she had encountered the day before.

One of the men told the magazine: “Whitney came walking by, either coming from or into the spa, in black sweats, grey sweater and a cap and sunglasses. She smelled of alcohol.

“She sat with us for ten minutes, had a bowl of fruit, gave us a hug and left.”

Hoping for a comeback, the publication also claims that Whitney Houston had been planning on having a face lift.

However, the Beverly Hills plastic surgeon engaged to perform the surgery is reported to have refused after the star “failed the routine physical which indicates the condition of the patient’s heart, liver and lungs”.

The magazine article also discusses the rumors circulating about Whitney Houston’s sexuality and the nature of the singer’s friendship with her former creative director, Robyn Crawford.

Contributing editor Mark Seal says a package he sent Robyn Crawford in the hope of speaking with her was returned with “Refused by R. Crawford; does not want” written across the front.

Both Whitney Houston and Robyn Crawford have always denied rumors of a gay relationship.

An autopsy report into Whitney Houston’s death showed her death was an accident, but that she suffered from heart disease and had cocaine, marijuana, as well as other prescription medicines in her system.