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Your dating profile is the first impression you’ll make in the online dating world, and you want to make sure that you’re building a profile that sends the right message. If you’re struggling to make many connections through your online dating efforts, you can improve your dating profile dramatically with a few smart swaps and targeted tweaks. Learn what viewers are looking for, then fit some of these keywords and smart photo strategies into your profile.

As you’re completing the text you’ll use to shape your dating profile, pay attention to the words you’re using. Men do best when they describe themselves as sweet, ambitious, thoughtful, spontaneous, and physically fit. Guys will also get attention if they mention tattoos, yoga, puppies and the ocean. Women should use words like physically fit, ambitious, perceptive, passionate and optimistic. They can also mention travel destinations and physical activities to round out their profiles.

While you want to use some of these popular words and phrases in your profile when applicable, you’ll also want to represent yourself accurately. No one wants to meet someone who isn’t as well represented on his or her profile. People tend to add two inches to their height and 20 percent to their income, for example, and many profile photos are out of date. Make yourself stand out as an attractive, honest person in your dating profile. Check out some buzzword and photo tips below that you can use to enhance the quality of your dating profile.

How to Optimize Your Dating Profile Infographic

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As you work toward your Public Administration degree, you will study the importance of a multitude of organizations, including the ever-controversial National Security Agency (NSA). When President Harry Truman established this government organization, he had in mind an agency that would collect and decode information from around the world. In the infographic below, learn more about the NSA and how it evolved into its current reputation for exceeding the scope of its power by monitoring US citizens without warrants:

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Public Administration | University of Southern California Online

Source: USC Sol Price School of Public Policy


If you’re working toward your Masters Degree in Communications, then you understand the incredible value of a well thought-out creative pitch. This “shootout” is your first (and often only) chance to convince a potential client of your ability to promote their product successfully and therefore win their business. There are certain elements of your pitch – setting the stage, formatting well – that, when used correctly, can increase your likelihood of success. In the below infographic, learn these essential elements for developing a convincing creative pitch: