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Municipalities should create an environment where their citizens can live happily.

Brookhaven does not currently seem to have such common sense.

A bronze statue called the “Statue of Peace” will debut in a Brookhaven city park on June 30th. The name sounds quite nice, but there are two big problems with this statue.

Park risks becoming a place for political propaganda

On the 19th, “Reporter Newspaper” reported on some citizen’s opposition to the statue’s installation. Looking at the photos featured in this article, few people are likely to imagine a normal park where children run around. In a beautiful green environment, a mysterious statue of a girl is suddenly about to appear.

This statue is modeled after women called comfort women. Comfort women are women who care for soldiers fighting on the front lines during a war. In other words, these women provide sexual services to soldiers. Their purpose is to resolve unfulfilled desires and to help soldiers concentrate on battle. The statue to debut in Brookhaven is modeled after Korean women who provided services to Japanese soldiers during World War II.

“It is compatible with the theme and imagery of the memorial”. This statement was made by Burke Brennan, the city’s spokesperson. Does he mean to say that “women who provide sexual services” are the appropriate theme for a quiet green place?

Furthermore, the comfort women topic sparking discussion actually violates South Korea’s international pledge. The problem of comfort women has long created a rift in South Korean-Japanese diplomatic relations. However, almost one and a half years ago, South Korea and Japan signed an international treaty. They put a stop to the issue of comfort women, which had become a wall between the two countries. They signed an international pledge stating that Japan would once again pay reparations to South Korea and issue an official apology, and that neither country would ever again bring up this topic. But establishing a comfort woman statue in support of South Koreans’ claims will increase tension between South Korea and Japan. By getting involved in this political dispute, Brookhaven is about to once again divide these two Asian countries. There will likely be less visitors to the park because of the installation of this statue. One can imagine the strange scenario of the park being visited only by South Koreans.

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South Korean prostitution encroaches on US

New York, Texas, Georgia, Indiana. These are places where South Korean prostitutes have been exposed. The Department of State report on the eradication of human trafficking stated that at 25%, Korean women made up the largest percentage of foreign female prostitutes in the US. One rumor raises concern that wave may have reached Brookhaven. That rumor involves the close relationship of a certain strip club and a South Korean organization in Atlanta.

There is no one in Brookhaven who doesn’t know about this club, called “Pink Pony.” Strip clubs are prohibited in this city, but Pink Pony has remained in business by paying the police something called a “patrol fee.” At the beginning of this year, a prostitution incident involving Pink Pony occurred in the neighboring Sandy Springs. Also, the South Korean organization in Atlanta has only one goal. That is to establish a statue for comfort women. They actually tried to have a statue installed in Atlanta, but were refused and failed.

Pink Pony is given special permission to operate illegally, and then a comfort woman statue is suddenly installed in a city with a calm atmosphere. What these two things have in common is this Atlanta South Korean organization. It is difficult to explain this as a coincidence.