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It is said that you know whether a property is right for you or not within the first few seconds of a house viewing. In the excitement of discovering a home you think is perfect, it can be easy to overlook some important factors. Many homebuyers make the mistake of being too focus on the positives that a property has. This stops them from looking out for potential issues that could cost them a fortune in the future. While it’s good to have a strong gut feeling about a property, looking for the good and the bad is essential. So during your next viewing, look out for these possible concerns.


Damp is something that can cause a number of problems within a property. Not only can it affect the foundations and structure, but it’s also considered a health risk. So during a viewing, it’s essential that you keep an eye out for any signs of damp. Telltale signs include watermarks on the walls, uneven wallpaper, and a moldy odor. Fresh paint is often used to disguise the effects of damp so look out for this also. It’s also beneficial to look for plumbing concerns which could cause damp in future. Check for old gutters, holes in the roof and damaged seals in the bathroom and kitchen.


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Large cracks

Large cracks on the interior and exterior could be a sign that the property is not structurally sound. This could mean that the property may be unsafe to live in and require extensive repairs. So doing these checks now is crucial. Check the walls, ceilings, extension joins and windows on the inside and out for signs of significant cracking. You should also look for bowing and pieces which have already fallen away. If you feel concerned, your real estate agent should be able to put you in contact with a surveyor or structural engineer. You can find out more about home surveys and what they involve on sites like the Which website.

The Surrounding area

One thing many home buyers forget to check is the surrounding area. There might be noisy roads or railways lines nearby or you might underneath an airport’s flight path. You may find the house is miles aways from a local shop, doctor, and schools. The property might be located near to a nightclub or bar that could keep you up at night. While you can’t change these issues, it’s good to know about them beforehand. So look out of the windows during the viewing and try to visit at different times. This should inform you whether there is any cause for concern. Before the viewing, you can also use sites like the Entwistle Green’s website and Google Maps for more information on the area.

If you discover any of these problems, you may feel differently about the property altogether. Or you might think that it’s worthwhile fixing these issues when you become the owner. Remember to view a home multiple times at varying times of day to make sure it’s the right choice for you.