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Winter weather results in an increase in slip and fall injuries and employers are being warned to take extra precautions.

According to the statistics from the National Safety Council, 34,000 people died at home and at work from slips and falls in 2016.

Employers are being urged to take further action to prevent tragedy from occurring at their places of business.

Are Slip and Fall Injuries Increasing?

There are worries that slip and fall injuries are going to continue to increase due to harsh winter weather conditions. Additionally, there are more businesses and more active employees than ever before. The US is currently experiencing record-low unemployment numbers.

It’s clear that regulations across New Jersey and the rest of the country have prevented thousands of injuries every year. The financial penalties for employers who don’t take appropriate action are significant and could cause many small businesses to be wiped out.

This has prompted them to act, particularly during the winter months.

More Awareness of the Dangers are Needed

Steven Benvenisti, a lawyer for Davis, Saperstein & Salomon P.C., has been involved in a major accident in the past. He sustained life-changing injuries when he was struck by a drunk-driver six weeks before graduating.

Today, Steven specializes in providing help to people who have been injured, as well as acting as a motivational speaker for a variety of medical associations, legal conferences, and universities.

He states, “It’s important that employers remember that falls are 100% preventable. There is no excuse for employers not to take the appropriate steps to protect employees and customers against injuries on their premises.”

What Can Employers Do to Reduce the Number of Slips and Falls?

Health and safety officials, as well as the legal industry, are calling for employers to educate themselves on the most common causes of slips and falls during the winter months.

Basic protections for anyone working at a place of business doesn’t need to be expensive. It can be as simple as placing rock salt on the ground and ensuring that parking lots are well-lit during dark hours.

The legal industry is also warning that the penalties for employers who don’t heed these warnings are huge. It could cost them tens of thousands of dollars if someone slips and experiences a sprain or break.

How Can Employees Find Help if They’re Involved in an Accident?

It’s strongly recommended that employees who experience an injury at work seek out legal help immediately. You can click here to learn more about slip and fall attorneys, and find help.

Steven says, “There’s a statute of limitations in every state on accidents in the workplace. For workers’ compensation cases in New Jersey, this limit is two years.”

Employees making a claim for a slip or fall in the workplace could be entitled to thousands of dollars, rather than scrambling to find the money to cover their medical bills.

With a cold winter expected in New Jersey, knowing where to turn is vital for employees when exercising their rights and entitlements.


From marmite-scented perfumes to soaps formulated with breast milk, the beauty world is fond of a bizarre ingredient.


British fragrance brand Union’s Celtic Fire perfume contains a small dose of marmite.

“When somebody suggested using Marmite in the mix I was intrigued,” said the nose behind the scent, Annabel Brosler.

“I simply wanted to see if it could be done and what it could bring to the fragrance. I am thrilled with the result – it has a subtle scent when used in tiny amounts, very warm and salty and of course Marmite is a British institution so this worked wonderfully well with all of the other British ingredients.”

Union is available at Selfridges.


While breast milk soap used to be widely available from niche eco-friendly suppliers, mother’s milk fell a foul of health and safety and has since been unavailable to use as a beauty ingredient.

Breast milk, when in use, was said to have softening and moisturizing properties, as well as being an organic alternative to cow and goat milk.

If you’re really desperate to try it and have a supply of breast milk to hand, Green Parent (thegreenparent.co.uk) has some recipes.

From marmite-scented perfumes to soaps formulated with breast milk, the beauty world is fond of a bizarre ingredient

From marmite-scented perfumes to soaps formulated with breast milk, the beauty world is fond of a bizarre ingredient


While you don’t use the whole thing, human sperm contains a powerful anti-oxidant called “spermine”, which is said to be brilliant at reducing wrinkles and getting rid of tough skin.

Although some New York spas have taken to offering spermine-based treatments, the country that loves it the most is Norway, where a company called Bioforskning (skinscience.com) produces a range of moisturizers and skin protectors containing the ingredient. Called SkinScience, the products are widely available across Scandinavia and also in the UK.

SkinScience is available at Harvey Nichols.


It might sound revolting, but earthworm excrement is said to have powerful anti-ageing properties. The anti-ager of choice for those who can’t (or won’t) tolerate chemical beauty ingredients, creams using the substance are said to increase cell turnover and add plumpness to skin.

Earthworm poo isn’t the only sort of faeces that’s made a name for itself in beauty either. Civetone, a foul-smelling pheromone sourced from the anal gland of the African Civet, is often used in perfumery in small quantities.

Fresh Beauty Market is the brand behind the best-selling version of the cream – Wrinkle Butter with Earthworm Complex – but it’s based in the USA and hard to get hold of on the other side of the pond. Website Greensations.com sells it to UK customers but expect to pay in dollars.


When British beauty brand Rodial launched Glamoxy Snake Serum in 2010, a trend for reptile-based beauty was born – despite the fact that Rodial’s potion doesn’t actually have any venom in it.

The same can’t be said for Planet Skincare’s moisturizer, which contains a synthetic version of the venom from Asian Temple snakes called Syn-ake. Described as the natural version of botox, snake venom contains amino acids which block nerve signals telling muscles to contract, which helps to stop wrinkles forming.

Planet Skincare’s Wrinkle Defence moisturizer is available from planetskincare.co.uk