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If you’re feeling stuck with your fitness routine at the moment, know that this is perfectly normal. There’s usually a time in everyone’s fitness journey when they hit a wall, but this is not the time to give up. When people can’t get over a plateau, it’s usually not because they’ve reached their limit. More often than not, people stop making progress because they weren’t working out optimally in the first place. Let’s take a look at a few simple things that you could do to take your fitness routine to the next level.

Image by Wenisa Ng from Pixabay

Start Researching New Supplements

If you’re already using things like whey protein powder and creatine, this is a good start, but you should know that there are literally thousands of other supplements out there. We’re not saying that you should become a lab experiment and try all of them, but it would be wise to at least try some you hear about often.

You should consider turkesterone, for instance. Turkesterone, or turk, has been around for many years and is unlike any other supplement on the planet. It is an ecdysteroid, which is a form of steroid that can be found in nature that supports the development of various organisms. Turk has some of the benefits of actual steroids but without the side effects. So, if you want to increase your strength and speed up recovery, this is definitely a supplement you should look more closely into.

Get a Personal Trainer

If you feel like a personal trainer is just too expensive for you, you should at least hire one so they can build a plan with you. You also have remote personal trainers that will be much cheaper. Having someone push you and teach you proper technique will make a world of difference in your results. You’ll be able to tell if you’re doing something wrong and be able to benefit from the expertise of someone who’s studied the human body.

Get Yourself a Food Scale

If you’re serious about going to the next step, then you have to start paying more attention to what you put in your body and how much of it you consume. The only way to have control over this is to invest in a food scale. You can’t eyeball your portions and expect to get consistent results. By weighing everything and keeping a food journal, you’ll know exactly how many calories go in and what the source of those calories is.

Don’t Be Afraid of the Body Scale

Another scale that you need to use often is your body scale. Top bodybuilders weigh themselves almost every day and it helps them stay on track, but you don’t have to go to these extremes. Once a week is more than enough. You have to be able to look at the number on that scale and hold yourself accountable. If you can’t do this, then you’ll eventually fail, simple as that.

Train with Someone Who’s More Advanced than You

If you have a friend who you know has been training for years, you need to ask them if you could go on training sessions with them. They will not only be able to teach you tricks but will be able to encourage you as well. It will make your training sessions much more enjoyable and having someone pushing you can help you get those precious 2 to 3 extra reps you need.

These are all tips that you can use to boost your workouts starting today. Be persevering, learn what works and what doesn’t, and try finding some outside assistance if you can.


Model Dani Mathers has been charged by LAPD over a “body-shaming” image she took of an older woman in a gym locker room.

The picture of the 70-year-old was taken in LA Fitness in July without her consent and posted on social media.

Dani Mathers uploaded the photo to Snapchat alongside one of herself and the caption: “If I can’t unsee this then you can’t either”.

She faces a charge of invasion of privacy.

Image source Wikipedia

Image source Wikipedia

Dani Mathers, 29, could face up to six months in jail and a $1,000 fine if convicted.

She apologized soon after uploading the image, saying she thought her Snapchat post had been a private conversation and acknowledging that “body-shaming” is wrong.

However, Dani Mathers’ lawyer, Thomas Mesereau, is quoted in the Los Angeles Times as saying his client did nothing illegal, neither invading anyone’s privacy nor violating any laws.

Announcing the decision to charge the model, Los Angeles City Attorney Mike Feuer took aim at “body-shaming”, calling it “humiliating, with often painful, long-term consequences”.

He said: “It mocks and stigmatizes its victims, tearing down self-respect and perpetuating the harmful idea that our unique physical appearances should be compared to air-brushed notions of <<perfect>>.”

Dani Mathers has been permanently banned from the chain of gyms, lost her job on a radio show and has faced widespread criticism online.


Sarah Jessica Parker revealed that she is far from dedicated when it comes to going to the gym.

“I work out for a sum total of 22 minutes, because that’s all I can bear,” Sarah Jessica Parker admitted to an audience during the Cannes Lion film festival, E! News reported.

Sarah Jessica Parker revealed that she is far from dedicated when it comes to going to the gym

Sarah Jessica Parker revealed that she is far from dedicated when it comes to going to the gym (photo Getty Images)

Sarah Jessica Parker, 49, has spoken about her figure in the past, telling Good Housekeeping magazine that a body like hers and other women in the industry shouldn’t be “an example” for other women.

” … No real woman should look to any woman in this industry as an example. It’s simply not applicable because of the enormous number of advantages we have,” the actress told the magazine.

“Women in this country should be reminded to be healthy rather than to be a size zero. I’m not going to kid you: Money changes everything. I’m fortunate enough to have things like private trainers and yoga classes. I realize that.”

Sarah Jessica Parker also claimed she loves to eat: “I love to eat. I think about food all the time.”


Amanda Bynes continued her bizarre behavior by openly smoking a suspicious-looking hand-rolled cigarette through Times Square on Monday.

TMZ reported earlier this year Amanda Bynes was evicted from her New York apartment for being a “building nuisance”, as neighbors complained about smelling marijuana smoke from her abode.

And according to the New York Post, Amanda Bynes was recently “asked to leave” an adult gymnastics class at Chelsea Piers.

Amanda Bynes continued her bizarre behavior by openly smoking a suspicious-looking hand-rolled cigarette through Times Square

Amanda Bynes continued her bizarre behavior by openly smoking a suspicious-looking hand-rolled cigarette through Times Square

The former child star reportedly stunned her classmates after showing up in “fishnets and a leotard that looked like lingerie”.

One witness said Amanda Bynes began acting strangely after her first visit to the gym a month ago.

“She lined up with the other gymnasts, and each took their turn to perform a roll. But Amanda just walked out on the mat, was spinning around in circles and mumbling to herself,” the source told Page Six.

Then later, the source saw Amanda Bynes do a cartwheel, “but her wig fell off, and she sat down and cried”.

They continued: “She went two weeks in a row, but the second time, she was escorted out. Staff were concerned about her manner and worried she might be a hazard to other people in the class.”

Meanwhile Amanda Bynes is so angry about the New York Post article she’s threatening legal action.

“I’m suing every blog saying I was kicked out of gymnastics. What is wrong w/ u people? What would u do if u found fake stories about u?” the actress tweeted to her 558,000 followers.

Amanda Bynes has admitted to having an eating disorder on her Twitter page.