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Pukkelpop 2011 stages collapsed in Belgium.


[googlead tip=”patrat_mare”]Belgian festival Pukkelpop 2011 deaths toll raised to five after a severe storm struck, knocking down screens and collapsing tents and stages, officials said on Friday.


Another eight festival attendees were seriously injured according to Hilde Claes, mayor of the eastern Belgian city of Hasselt, were festival have been held. The mayor also told Belgian television that some 65 people had more minor injuries.

Belgian Pukkelpop Festival 2011 death toll raised to five

Belgian Pukkelpop 2011 deaths toll raised to five.


[googlead tip=”lista_medie” aliniat=”stanga”]About 65,000 mainly young people were attending Pukkelpop 2011 when the storm struck early in the evening. Many were sheltering in large festival tents, which were whipped away by the wind.


“The storm struck in an incredibly sudden way,” said Hilde Claes, who was there.

“It was a real whirlwind. I have never seen anything like it in Hasselt before.”


The three-day Pukkelpop 2011 was set to have featured rapper Eminem, Foo Fighters, 30 seconds to Mars and The Offspring among others.


According to a post on Pukkelpop 2011 official website, the organizers decided early on Friday to cancel the rest of the festival.


“Pukkelpop is in deep mourning. We truly sympathise with the families and friends of the victims.

Words are not enough. We have struggled with the decision to continue the festival. Therefore we have decided to cancel Pukkelpop 2011.

What has happened is very exceptional and could not have been predicted. We are deeply moved by… “


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[googlead tip=”vertical_mediu” aliniat=”stanga”] Pukkelpop is an annual music festival which takes place near the city of Hasselt, Belgium in mid-to-late August. It is held within a large enclosure of fields and woodland – between a dual carriageway called Kempische Steenweg – in the village of Kiewit, approximately 7 km north of Hasselt. It is the second largest music festival in the country after Rock Werchter, with an attendance rate of 180,000 over the course of the event in 2009.

The programme is noted for its wide variety of alternative music, spanning styles such as rock, pop, electronic, dance, hip-hop, punk and heavy metal. The event’s organizers aim the festival to be a “progressive and contemporary” musical event. Notable acts that have performed at previous editions include Sonic Youth, The Mission, Ramones, Nirvana, The Sisters of Mercy, Red Hot Chili Peppers, Neil Young, The Smashing Pumpkins, Radiohead, Foo Fighters, Metallica, Green Day, Guns N’ Roses, Pixies, Daft Punk, The Prodigy, Nine Inch Nails and Iron Maiden. The term “pukkel” is the Dutch word for “pimple”.

The Belgian tragedy comes just five days after another five people died when an outdoor concert stage collapsed in heavy winds at the Indiana State Fair in the United States.

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Jani Lane’s death news. Autopsy has not revealed the clear cause of death.


Warrant singer Jani Lane’s death updates.


[googlead tip=”patrat_mediu” aliniat=”stanga”]Warrant former lead-singer, Jani Lane was found dead Thursday in a Woodland Hills hotel, Los Angeles.


The lead singer of Warrant, the Hollywood metal rock band, Jani Lane, 47, was found dead in a Woodland Hills hotel on Thursday evening, according to the officer Sara Faden. She added there was no immediate information on the cause or circumstances of Jani Lane’s death.

With his long blond hair and tight leather outfits, Jani Lane embodied the excess of 1980s “hair metal” rock bands.

Warrant former lead-singer, Jani Lane was found dead Thursday in a Woodland Hills hotel, Los Angeles.

Warrant former lead-singer, Jani Lane was found dead Thursday in a Woodland Hills hotel, Los Angeles.

Jani Lane, born John Kennedy Oswald in Akron, Ohio on February 1, 1964, adopted his stage name in the early ’80s before he moved to LA and joining Warrant.

Jani Lane joined Warrant in 1984 and created the Warrant’s biggest hits “Heaven”, “Down Boys”, “Cherry Pie” and “Sometimes She Cries”,which displayed the yin and yang of teenage desire.



In the “Cherry Pie”, Warrant celebrates the woman describing her as a “cherry pie” and the result was a scream-along anthem tailor-made for testosterone-fueled pop metal heads and the women who loved them.

However, as a self-respecting metal band, Warrant and the bleached-blond Lane had a softer side, that could be seen on full display in the video for “Heaven,” a love ballad with the slow motion images of Jani Lane and the band enjoying their rock-star lives. We can see Lane showing off his tattoo, swinging around on a band member’s back, performing at massive outdoor concerts, dancing in the back of a limousine, signing ecstatic fans’ T-shirts and twirling in front of the mike stand, his perfectly coiffed hair shining like a lion’s mane.

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[googlead tip=”vertical_mic”] The albums Dirty Rotten Filthy Stinking Rich (1989) and Cherry Pie (1990) went double platinum. 

Warrant and Jani Lane rose on the Sunset Strip circuit in the mid 80’s alongside kindred spirits Guns N’ Roses, but, ironically, one of their early fans was funk singer Prince, who tried to sign with the band to his Paisley Park imprint. Warrant eventually signed with Columbia Records.

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Their wave of success lasted until early 90’s. Jani Lane had an on-and-off relationship with the band, leaving it in 1992 before returning and quitting again several times. At that time, grunge had replaced metal on the rock charts and the band’s hits stopped coming

[googlead tip=”lista_mica” aliniat=”stanga”]Eventually he left the band to pursue a solo career. In 2005 Lane joined VH1’s Celebrity Fit Club. He rejoined Warrant in 2008 only to leave it again months later, for good.

Jani Lane had a history of alcohol-related issues, and was arrested twice on DUI charges.

Jani Lane had a history of alcohol-related issues, and was arrested twice on DUI charges.

According to TMZ, Lane had a history of alcohol-related issues, and was arrested twice on DUI charges.

Celebrities reacted to former Warrant singer death on Twitter: Dane Cook said, “RIP Jani Lane your music was my youth.”

From glam rock contemporary Bret Michaels: “We’d like to offer our deepest condolences to the family of Jani Lane regarding their loss,” wrote the Poison singer.

Jani Lane is survived by two daughters from two previous marriages.