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Opportunities Await


The American Dream still fascinates people all over the world and contributes to the appeal of the United States of America as a country of opportunity and plentiful employment chances. The country is renowned as a land of prospects for new comers which has been rooted in its history, with several significant waves of immigration occurring throughout its existence; from the pilgrims on the Mayflower and the Irish fleeing famine, to German Forty-Fighters and refugees of fascism – virtually every American can trace his ancestry to another country of the ‘old continent’. During its heyday, immigration resulted in the inhabitation of certain neighborhoods by a nationality, giving rise to the well-known ‘Little Italies’ and ‘Chinatowns’ of American metropolises. While times certainly have changed, the main reasons for immigration to the U.S. have stayed the same. For many, the foremost reason is the economic opportunity, which they might not find in their home countries. Others might wish to escape the dire circumstances of homeland. In contrast, some might just seek to experience a new way of life.


Chicago Immigration Protest May 1, 2006
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Taking Chances


Applying for a green card is the only way for non U.S. citizen to become a lawful permanent resident of the United States. While it is generally open to any individual to apply for a green card, the most convenient way is to participate in the diversity immigrant visa. Professional green card lottery services, will not only take care of the bureaucratic effort, but also assist during the process and provide all the information needed. As the name suggests, the diversity lottery was created in order to diversify the annual influx of immigrants. This also means that countries can become ineligible for participation, if more than 50,000 immigrants came to the US within a time span of five years.

What are the alternatives?


This ineligibility, however, is not necessarily permanent and will be revoked as soon as immigration numbers fall below the limit, which allows the citizens of that country to apply for the visa lottery again. Nevertheless, there are other ways of attaining a green card. Applying for a green card by way of regular immigration is another possibility. Recent immigration law reform, for instance, would allow millions of still illegal immigrants to become legal residents of the U.S. Whatever the circumstances, one should keep trying and never give up, as these are central elements of the American way of life.