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Vice-President Mike Pence has appeared without wearing a face mask while visiting the Mayo Clinic in Minnesota despite the medical centre’s own rules that visitors wear personal protective equipment.

In a deleted tweet, the Mayo Clinic said Mike Pence had been notified in advance of its policy requiring masks.

The vice-president leads the White House coronavirus taskforce.

Image source Twitter

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The government’s own coronavirus-prevention advice is that people should wear face coverings “in public settings where other social distancing measures are difficult to maintain”.

The Mayo Clinic itself requires all patients and visitors to its medical centers to wear a mask or face covering.

VP Pence’s visit came on the same day that the US coronavirus caseload topped one million and the number of deaths surpassed 57,000.

President Donald Trump has himself previously said he has no plans to wear a mask.

The vice-president defended his decision to flout hospitals rules as necessary in order to meet with staff and patients.

He said: “As vice-president of the United States, I’m tested for the coronavirus on a regular basis, and everyone who is around me is tested for the coronavirus.

“And when the CDC issued guidelines about wearing a mask, it was their recognition that people that may have the coronavirus could prevent the possibility of conveying the virus to someone else by wearing a mask.

“And since I don’t have the coronavirus, I thought it would be a good opportunity for me to be here, to be able to speak to these researchers, these incredible healthcare personnel, and look them in the eye and say thank you.”

According to news website Axios, Mike Pence has never once worn a mask while in public since the pandemic began while continuing to travel throughout the country.

A Mike Pence aide was the first White House member to test positive for the virus in late March.


With a month to go before Christmas, there is still time to make sure you look and feel fabulous this festive season.

See experts’ recommendations here:

GOAL: Radiant, glowing skin

Expert: Sarah Chapman, whose High Definition Facial is almost as famous as her client list, which includes Queen Rania of Jordan, Naomi Watts and Jemma Kidd.

Recommendation: Facial massage every other day is unbeatable for getting an instant glow. Use your knuckles (held in loose fists) and finger tips to roll, knead and drum life back into your skin.

These movements stimulate lymphatic drainage on puffy complexions and boost the vital supply of oxygen and nutrients to the skin. Massage used in combination with your skincare products increases their performance.

Once a week, try a mask (Skinesis Instant Miracle Mask, SpaceNK) to brighten, clarify and lift skin.

Layering a serum underneath a face mask packs an added punch.

You can make your own nourishing mask using a mixture of honey, a dash of olive oil and natural yogurt or avocado.

Or mix together some yogurt and large oatmeal flakes for an exfoliating at-home peel.

Best tip: For a cooling, de-puffing and revitalizing treatment straight from your kitchen, pour a small amount of water into a balloon, leave in your freezer and simply wrap in a cloth and roll all over the face before you apply your make-up.

It ends up looking like a giant ice cube sausage. This mini treatment will de-puff and bring an instant rosy glow.

GOAL: Shiny, healthy hair

Expert: Daniel Galvin Junior, an award-winning colorist whose clients include Kelly Brook, Holly Valance and Amanda Holden.

Recommendation: The most important things to focus on are detoxifying and nourishing the hair.

You can do an at-home hair detox treatment by mixing a quarter of a tablespoon of vitamin C powder, the same amount of cider vinegar and half a cup of hot water to freshly washed hair for a deep cleanse.

You can also deep condition your hair at home with a detox mask (try Daniel Galvin Junior Organics Hair Repair & Gloss, dgjorganics.com).

When applying a hair mask at home, gently warm a hand towel in the microwave and wrap it around the hair for 20 minutes – the heat intensifies the treatment, helping it last around three weeks.

Remember, if you’re planning a haircut or color before Christmas, book appointments now before salons get booked up.

Best tip: If you are going to try an up-do over the party season, start practicing a week before and go through “dry runs” to figure out how long it will take and to avoid any pitfalls.

With a month to go before Christmas, there is still time to make sure you look and feel fabulous this festive season

With a month to go before Christmas, there is still time to make sure you look and feel fabulous this festive season

GOAL: A smoother décolletage

Expert: Skincare specialist Nichola Joss, whose A-list clients include Zoe Ball, Elle Macpherson and Tilda Swinton.

Recommendation: The skin on your décolletage is really delicate, so be gentle with it. You don’t need special products for that area; use the same ones you use on your face.

Cleanse, tone and moisturize your face twice a day and include your neck and chest.

Using facial toner on the area really helps tighten the skin. Always apply plenty of moisturizer with an SPF during the day – even in the winter months.

Before bedtime, substitute facial oil for moisturizer, which will hydrate more deeply (try The Sanctuary Active Reverse Lipid Recovery Facial Oil, Boots).

Skin in this area is too sensitive for exfoliation, but to make skin look plumper and more radiant, apply a firming mask twice a week.

Best tip: Disguising crepey skin with deep lines on your chest area is difficult.

Don’t apply foundation to the area – it will simply sit in the grooves, which can be ageing. Instead, try using an illuminator (St Tropez Gold Skin Illuminator, johnlewis.com) mixed in with your day cream. It gives the impression of more radiant skin.

GOAL: Fewer wrinkles

Expert: Cosmetic dermatologist Dr. Veronique Simon, whose clients include actresses Charlotte Rampling and Catherine Deneuve.

Recommendation: If you are considering Botox (where small injections are applied locally to facial muscles and temporarily paralyze them to reduce fine lines and wrinkles) or fillers (where substances like hyaluronic acid are injected into deeper lines to plump them out) before Christmas, this is the best time to have them, as you may need at least a one-week healing period after these treatments.

To aid healing, I recommend Arnica Cream – try Nelsons Arnica Cream, (Holland & Barrett), which minimizes any light bruising.

As a rejuvenating treatment, I recommend mesotherapy. This involves several small injections to the face that contain a cocktail of youth-boosting vitamins and plumping hyaluronic acid to improve the quality of the skin.

The effects can be seen after one treatment, but have a couple of sessions two to three weeks apart for best results.

Best tip: I always recommend my clients follow three rules: peel – I prefer micropeel, which is deep peeling to eliminate dead skin and promote collagen production (Simontherapie Gold Acid Free Micropeel, simontherapie.com); hydrate – choose something extremely hydrating such as Nivea Creme (Superdrug); and protect – guard the skin against free radicals with a good dose of antioxidants from a diet rich in fruit and vegetables.

Tom Cruise has told friends that his skin has never looked better thanks to the expensive spa treatment based on nightingale poo, according to Now Magazine.

The treatment involves mixing poo from a nightingale with rice bran and water which is then applied as a face mask.

And a source told Now magazine: “Tom doesn’t go in for Botox or surgery but he does pay close attention to all the new natural treatments.

“He recently started experimenting with the nightingale poo facial after it was recommended by a Hollywood pal and the results have been fantastic.”

Tom Cruise has told friends that his skin has never looked better thanks to the expensive spa treatment based on nightingale poo

Tom Cruise has told friends that his skin has never looked better thanks to the expensive spa treatment based on nightingale poo

Tom Cruise, 49, who is married to 33-year-old actress Katie Holmes with whom he has a daughter, Suri, 6, doesn’t believe in plastic surgery and said this is a better alternative.

The source added: “Tom doesn’t see splashing out on the facials as him being vain or weird. In fact, he points out there are much wackier fads out there.”

Other celebrities believed to be fans of the poo treatment include David and Victoria Beckham, who used to be good friends with Tom Cruise and Katie Holmes.

New York beautician Shizuka Bernstein said: “The nightingale poo acts as an exfoliant that brings out the dirt and adds shine.”



Duchess of Cornwall gave Kate Middleton her first pot of Heaven Bee Venom face mask soon after her engagement.

Then Camilla encouraged Kate to have her first £165 ($260) bee venom facial with Deborah Mitchell herself.

Deborah Mitchell, 46, is known for developing her own organic, locally sourced beauty treatments and – most importantly – for her discretion. Her celebrity clients include Kylie and Dannii Minogue, Victoria Beckham and Gwyneth Paltrow.

The beautician works from a small salon, called Heaven, in the Shropshire market town of Shifnal, and from a room at London’s Hale Clinic, and usually refuses point-blank to talk about her work.

Speaking for the first time about her Royal and celebrity clients, Deborah Mitchell says: “It was extraordinary watching the wedding on television, knowing I had been chatting to Kate a few days beforehand. What I still find amazing was the lack of tension at Clarence House in the run-up to the ceremony.

“It just shows how perfect the couple are for each other and how happy the Duchess of Cornwall was to be gaining a new daughter-in-law.

“Everybody was just so excited. It was like looking forward to Christmas.”

Deborah Mitchell will be at Charles and Camilla’s Scottish home, Birkhall, this weekend and has been a regular visitor to Clarence House and Highgrove since she first started working with Camilla in 2005.

She says her introduction to Camilla and her enduring relationship with the Duchess came as a huge personal boost at a time when she was struggling with low self-esteem after the death of her father, from whom she had been estranged since he walked out on the family when Deborah Mitchell was six.

Her mother, Sheila, later remarried and Deborah Mitchell adored her stepfather Peter Brown, but says that she spent years trying to please her absent father.

Deborah Mitchell, who has two children Ella, 14, and Christopher, 13, is in the throes of a divorce herself – from her second husband Chris Cox, who owns a meat processing firm.

She says she started right at the bottom of her profession after studying at Telford College of Arts and Technology, travelling from house to house in the Midlands as a mobile beauty therapist, before opening her first salon in 1998.

“I started off with one £10 pack of nail extensions and my first customer gave me a £1 tip,” Deborah Mitchell recalls.

“I invested that and eventually I bought my own couch and rented the beauty salon at the Holiday Inn in Telford.”

Duchess of Cornwall gave Kate Middleton her first pot of Heaven Bee Venom face mask soon after her engagement

Duchess of Cornwall gave Kate Middleton her first pot of Heaven Bee Venom face mask soon after her engagement

Her first celebrity client was Tracey Taylor, the wife of Duran Duran guitarist Andy Taylor, who introduced her to the other band members and their wives.

She was a regular visitor at Taylor’s home, the Grade II listed mansion Beckbury Hall in Shropshire.

“Duran Duran had a recording studio there and I would often encounter musicians such as George Michael and Rod Stewart jamming in the hall,” Deborah Mitchell said.

Later, she met Kylie and Dannii Minogue.

“Kylie first came to me at the Hale Clinic about ten years ago,” she says.

“She was very inconspicuous. She arrived in a taxi, wearing no make-up, glasses and with her hair scraped back underneath a hat. Dannii came to me just before she was made a judge on The X Factor.

“I remember telling her that I thought Simon fancied her, and she just smiled.”

But Deborah Mitchell’s big breakthrough came when she was summoned to treat Camilla Parker Bowles.

“I remember the first time I went to Clarence House,” Deborah Mitchell recalls. “I was wearing a shift dress – I don’t wear a uniform – and I arrived in a taxi. The Duchess’s lady-in-waiting Jackie Meakin met me at the police barrier and walked me inside. I was taken to a private reception room where I was offered tea or coffee and Duchy biscuits, which I love.

“Then I was shown to Her Royal Highness’s bedroom, which is a beautiful cream room full of amazing antiques with the Royal crests on them, and wonderful paintings. I felt so honored to be somewhere that the public never gets to see.

“I had taken my own treatment couch from the Hale Clinic. I set it up while I worked out how to curtsey and put her on the treatment couch at the same time. I wasn’t nervous – I never get nervous with celebrities because I’m confident of my treatments – but I was stunned how relaxed and comfortable it was working for her.”

Camilla loved the effect of the treatment and the favorable press comments about her appearance that followed. Deborah Mitchell was soon a key member of her wider entourage. That Christmas, Camilla gave Deborah Mitchell a signed photograph in a leather frame.

Since then, Deborah Mitchell has regularly treated Camilla. She looked after her when she broke a leg while hill-walking at Birkhall and it was one of Deborah’s Heaven Scent candles that helped revive Camilla after she was caught up in last year’s riots.

Unlike some of Deborah Mitchell’s demanding celebrity clients, Camilla is very thoughtful and considerate.

“Once I shifted around some of my other clients to fit her in, but she was most upset anybody would be put out on her behalf,” says Deborah Mitchell.

“She said to me, <<Please don’t do that again>>.

“She is very different from clients such as Simon Cowell and Victoria Beckham. The first time he came into the Hale Clinic, he tried to persuade one of my clients to swap her treatment for X Factor tickets so that he could have her appointment. And once I got a phone call from Posh Spice wanting to know why she hadn’t got my Bee Venom mask.

“Her close friend, the make-up artist, Maria Louise Featherstone, had a pot and she was a bit put out that she hadn’t had it first. So she asked me to send her six jars.”

Deborah Mitchell has met most of the other members of the Royal Family and has treated both Camilla’s daughter, Laura, and her daughter-in-law, Sarah Buys, and, of course, Kate.

It was only after her engagement that Deborah began treating Kate.

“I feel very proud to have been one of the first people to know the name of her cocker spaniel. He ran up to me when I was doing a treatment for her one day so I began stroking him and she said, <<Come on Lupo>>.”

The success of her Heaven beauty products, developed using organic ingredients, have seen her named International Businesswoman of the Year.

Deborah Mitchell now has salons in China, Taiwan and Japan, and is launching in New York this autumn.

But until she met the Duchess of Cornwall in 2005, Deborah Mitchell was not a household name. A year after the wedding that brought her work in front of an incalculably huge global audience, Deborah still values the Royal connections that she sees as the crowning glory of her career.

Kate and Camilla, meanwhile, still draw on her expertise to help them face the world as two of the most photographed women on the planet.