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Are you tired of exercises that hurt your body? If you’re looking to an alternative for jarring exercises that damage your joints, you should consider low impact exercise. You don’t need to sacrifice your health for a great workout. Find out everything you should know about losing weight with low impact exercise.

The Benefits of Low Impact Exercise

There are hundreds of different exercise programs and workouts readily available. However, some of those exercises aren’t healthy for you. They put your body and your health at risk.

Activities like running can improve your cardio and help you lose weight. Unfortunately, such activities are brutal on your joints. If you run regularly, you could destroy the cartilage in your knees.

Tough exercise regimens put you at a greater risk for surgeries, like hip replacements. After years of brutal workouts, your body wears down and needs medical attention.

When you use low impact exercise in your workout routine, you limit the damage. Your joints remain healthy and intact. As you age, you are less likely to require surgery. Additionally, you are less likely to injure yourself during a workout.

Low Impact Exercises that Help You Lose Weight

When people think of low impact exercises, they often think of workouts that are ineffective. However, this is far from the truth. Low impact exercises can be just as effective as high impact ones.

When it comes to weight loss, burning calories is what matters. There are many great low impact exercises that burn high amounts of calories. Here are a few:

  1. Swimming

Swimming is a highly effective workout. More importantly, it’s also easy on your body. There is no gravity weighing you down and putting pressure on your joints. Instead, the water holds you up.

Swimming can burn hundreds of calories in a short time. If you have proper technique, you can maximize your calorie burn. Before you get started, you might consider taking lessons or watching a tutorial. You can get down the technique and start losing weight.

  1. Yoga

People often think of yoga as a great way to relax. Although it is the perfect activity for relieving stress, it’s also great for weight loss.

There are many different types of yoga. The type of yoga class you take can dictate the amount of calories you burn. For example, hot yoga is fast-paced and occurs in a hot environment. You sweat and get your heart rate up. As a result, you lose weight quickly.

In general, yoga is very easy on your joints. The flexibility that comes with yoga decreases your chances of injury. Overall, yoga is an effective way to improve your health while you lose weight.

  1. Cycling

There are many different ways to cycle. However, all of them provide a low impact exercise that helps you lose weight. The workout works your legs and your core, maximizing your calorie consumption.

If you want a competitive workout, you can try a cycling class in a local gym. But if you’re looking for something more relaxing, you can go for a bike ride around your neighborhood. Either way, you’ll burn calories.