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– New data suggests that both elderly people and young children can benefit from getting together to do activities –

Living in a multi-generational household is less common than it used to be so it is less likely that older and younger generations spend much time together. With the busy lives of most families, even seeing grandparents might be a challenge and so children and grandparents miss out on that all important bonding time. Families are also more dispersed so different generations might not live near each other, but the importance of inter-generational contact remains.

The Live-in Care Hub is a not-for-profit organisation committed to raising the quality of elderly care in the UK and they are keen advocates of a better quality of life for older people. They have, therefore, been highlighting the benefits of inter-generational contact and joint activities.

The Benefits Of Older And Younger Generations Spending Time Together

There are many benefits for different generations spending time together including, but not limited to:

  • Both age groups can learn new skills from each other
  • Both age groups can learn about relevant aspects of their different generations
  • Older people have a sense of purpose and children feel a sense of doing something for others
  • Children gain an understanding of the elderly and growing older
  • Children may lose any fear of the elderly they have
  • The older adults can avoid loneliness
  • Depression and other mental health issues may be alleviated in older adults
  • Older adults may see improvements in physical health
  • Older adults with dementia may see some symptoms reduce
  • Older adults provide a patient and understanding ear to children who have plenty to share

Activities That Benefit Both Generations

There are some really enjoyable activities than can benefit both parties and encourage great relationships to develop:

  • Gardening
  • Reading to each other
  • Learning a new hobby
  • Sharing stories (real or make believe)
  • Singing and dancing
  • Preparing and cooking a meal
  • Art and sketching

Dominique Kent, Joint Founder of the Live-In Care Hub, is a passionate advocate for better elderly care in the UK. “We know from our research that one-to-one care at home with a live-in carer results in better health and wellbeing for the vast majority of elderly people. Live-in care also enables better contact with all generations of a family in a familiar home environment where routines and meal times can easily be altered to accommodate young children.

With live-in care there are no restrictions imposed to prevent people enjoying life as fully as possible. So it is important that older people understand that care in their own home is a viable option.”

The Live-In Care Hub carry out independent research and their website offers practical tips, advice and support to those seeking elderly care for themselves or for a relative. Find out more at www.liveincarehub.co.uk.