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If you want to have a real choice of different river cruises, then you simply must consider Italy. It is a favorite European destination for many people and Globus Tours to Italy are always in high demand. Italy is full of beautiful historical monuments, but it is also the birthplace of the modern world, an industrial powerhouse and a cultural melting pot. It doesn’t get much better than that.

The country is known for its many modern advances. However, it is equally known for its revered ancient culture and art. If you are going on a river cruise, therefore, Italy truly is a treasure trove of discovery. It has wonderful natural sights, priceless works of art, a high historical profile and an exciting modern culture.


Photo Source: aluxurytravelblog.com

Italy’s History

When you are on a river cruise, you really cannot miss the fascinating history of the place, particularly if your tour starts in Venice. There, you will find so many different museums and monuments that you could spend a lifetime trying to see them all. On you will travel through the countryside, experiencing the beautiful views and the many ancient and quaint little villages. You will quickly see that many of those are truly old and they have many traces of the ancient Romans and more.

However, you may not be interested in history. Luckily, there is also plenty to see and do for those who really don’t care to know what happened some six centuries ago. Yes, Italy is very proud of its history, but it is equally proud of its present. The modern culture of this country is vibrant and thriving and very much 21st century.

Modern Mantua

Mantua, or Mantova, is a perfect example of this. This city is found just to the east of Venice and is a popular starting point for Italian river cruises. There are many stunning buildings to enjoy here, such as the Ducal Palace. And the city also offers plenty for those with a more modern taste. You can stroll through this city or hire a bike and enjoy the promenade, which is particularly popular with locals. You will usually see local fishermen gathering with their families for fun picnics. Also, don’t miss the little piazzas with bars and restaurants that serve some of the best dishes in Italy. They are the perfect spot to just sit and watch people and the world.

Other forms of culture are also present all around you. Why not spend some time in the Teatro Bibiena, a truly tiny but absolutely stunning theater? This really is an experience that you will never forget. Did you know that the first person to ever perform here was just 13 years old, and that this young person was none other than Wolfgang Amadeus Mozart? You can also enjoy the many shops, local markets, galleries and art centers. You can truly experience a day that mixes both the ancient and the modern at the same time.