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Summer is a busy time; especially the weekends. If you’re finding it hard to find the time to squeeze everything in, your wardrobe could give you a helping hand. You may start your Saturday morning off with a quick gym visit, followed by shopping and lunch, and more shopping. By the time you’ve finished you’ve barely got enough time to get home and change your outfit ready for a night on the town. But, what if you didn’t have to? What if you could change a few simple details about the outfit you’ve been wearing all day and completely transform it? Here are some ideas.


Shirt Dress

On a hot Summer’s day, a shirt dress is an easy option that keeps you cool, comfortable and stylish. It’s easy to move around in and all you need to do is throw on a pair of trainers and a nice watch before you can head out the door. When it comes to nighttime, this dress doesn’t exactly scream sexy…until you add a few things. Swap the trainers for some fabulous heels, add some statement jewellery and let your hair down. Voila!


You can do anything in a sundress! Go to the beach, do your food shopping, have a picnic in the park. It’s one of the most versatile dresses for daytime activities, but it isn’t often thought of as an occasion dress. There are so many cute sundresses out there, but when you want a sundress that can turn into a fun-dress, you need to look out for certain things. Go for dresses with cut-outs and ones that accentuate your figure. Then all you need to do is swap the sun hat and glasses for beach waves in your hair, statement earrings and a pair wedges before you’re ready for the cocktails.


Maxi Dress

There’s no way you can turn a maxi dress into an evening look, right? Wrong! A maxi dress is an easy-breezy look for Summer and they’re so easy to wear. If you’re going to brunch with friends on a glorious day, you can’t go wrong with a maxi dress. When it comes to going out in the night, look for a maxi dress with a side split and it will change the game completely. You won’t even have to wear heels to make the dress sexy. You can change up your look by adding some jewellery and changing your make-up. Glittering eyeshadow is always a winner with maxi dresses.

Off the Shoulder Dress

An off the shoulder dress is ideal for keeping you cool on a hot day and you can keep the accessories to a minimum during the day, creating a chic look. To down-dress your outfit in the day, wear with a pair of flats and keep your hair up. To transform the look during the evening, wear your hair up and put on a sparkling choker and heels. You could even make the most of your exposed skin and wear layered necklaces if you want your evening look to stand out.

Pencil Skirt Suit

If you have to go to an event straight from work, it doesn’t mean you can’t transform your outfit. A pencil skirt suit is an ideal way to show your styling skills. When it comes to the evening, get rid of your jacket and add a statement necklace to your blouse. Match your heels to the colour of your statement necklace and you’ve got an easy pop of colour added to a black or grey suit. If you want to make a killer impression, go for a red necklace, red heels and pair them with red lipstick. You’re sure to turn heads when you walk in the room.


Wrap Dress

If you’re spending the day at the beach in your bikini and you want something easy to throw on when you’re ready for some night-time fun, a wrap dress could be the perfect solution. There’s no hassle; you can even throw it on top of your bikini when you’ve finished sunbathing. All you’ll need is some sandals and sunglasses for the beach. When it’s time to hit the bar, swap your sandals for heels and add some gold or silver bangles to your wrists. Keep your hair down and natural.

When enough thought is put into it, there aren’t many outfits that can’t be turned into something suitable for a special occasion. So, take a good look through your accessories and get creative. You never know what you could come up with until you try!


Jennifer Lawrence narrowly escaped being completely exposed as her dress came close to tearing in half as she headed on stage to collect her statue for Best Female Actor in a Leading Role at SAG Awards 2013.

In front of a glittering audience of stars, Jennifer Lawrence, 22, revealed a little too much of her body in a Christian Dior tiered dress.

Disaster struck as her name was read out to recognize her role in Silver Linings Playbook.

Shooting up from her chair and hugging people around her, Jennifer Lawrence failed to notice someone had planted the leg of their chair on her navy Dior gown.

Keen to get on stage, Jennifer Lawrence attempted to run off tearing her skirt of her dress at the point where the skirt meets the underskirt with sheer lining.

The sheer lining and skirt, which was fresh from the Paris Haute Couture runway, is hidden under the top tier of the gown.

Jennifer Lawrence dress rips at SAG Awards 2013 as she walks to collect Best Female Actor statue

Jennifer Lawrence dress rips at SAG Awards 2013 as she walks to collect Best Female Actor statue

As she headed to the stage, Jennifer Lawrence further exposed herself as she hitched up the dress to negotiate the stairs revealing her thighs.

The cast members of Breaking Bad turned around shocked as the stricken star realized at their table she was in trouble.

Fellow actresses Nicole Kidman and Marion Cotillard certainly felt the young woman’s pain, and were caught on camera reacting to the dress’ tearing.

Like a professional, Jennifer Lawrence quickly pushed the ripped section of dress under the gown’s existing tuck and strode towards the stage.

Once there, Jennifer Lawrence once again narrowly missed showing off more than she planned to as the dress slipped apart.

Holding the frock together a breathless – either from her pneumonia or shock – Jennifer Lawrence accepted her best actress award.

Jennifer Lawrence thanked her co-stars, her family and mega producer Harvey Weinstein.

[youtube kdVQELwBmYQ]