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Cristiano Ronaldo’s mom, Dolores Aveiro, was stopped last month at Madrid airport with €55,000 ($61,000) in her handbag, El Mundo newspaper reports.

Real Madrid’s Cristiano Ronaldo dos Santos Aveiro, 30, is the world’s highest-paid soccer player.

According to El Mundo, Dolores Aveiro, 61, was stopped by the civil guard while waiting for a flight home to Portugal.

Dolores Aveiro could not explain to officials why she needed so much cash, the publication said.

It said that the money will be held by officials until she pays a fine and fills in the correct documentation.Cristiano Ronaldo mom Dolores Aveiro

Spanish rules drawn up to prevent money laundering stipulate that the maximum amount travelers are permitted to take out of Spain without declaring the transfer is €10,000.

Anyone who breaks this rule is not guilty of a crime, El Mundo said, but an administrative offence.

Dolores Aveiro is reported to spend long periods of time with her multimillionaire son in his luxury mansion near Madrid.

She was reported to have been briefly held by border police at Barajas airport in the middle of last month and must now pay a €600 fine in order to get the cash back.

Cristiano Ronaldo’s contract at Real Madrid earns him around €350,000 each week.