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Experts report that there were 2.8 reported injuries per 100 full-time workers in the United States in 2018.

Many of these would have been minor, requiring little or no treatment. However, many more would have been serious enough to warrant ongoing care.

In these cases, workers should be entitled to treatment from workers’ comp doctors. However, not every doctor treats workers’ compensation patients.

Read on to learn more about what doctors accept workers’ compensation, and how to find them.

What Is Workers’ Compensation?

Workers’ compensation protects employees when they suffer illnesses or injuries as a result of their activities at work.

It covers a broad range of conditions, including almost any physical injury. The most common injuries are overexertion injuries, slip-related injuries, and fall-related injuries.

Workers comp may also cover mental illnesses, although causation here is more difficult to prove.

The employer is the party who is liable for payment. However, workers’ comp insurance is widely available to provide cover here, and is actually legally required in every state except Texas.

The payment provides for medical treatment as well as lost earnings.

How to Find Workers’ Comp Doctors

As mentioned above, not every doctor deals with workers’ compensation cases. To get ongoing treatment for a condition you developed at work, you will have to find a specialist Workers’ Compensation Doctor.

These are doctors that the state government approves as providers of workers’ compensation care. You may have to find such a doctor yourself, but your employer might direct you to one in some cases.

You should note that you don’t need to go to a workers’ comp provider for your initial assessment. Your usual healthcare provider (or an emergency room doctor) is acceptable for this.

While ongoing care is provided for by the workers’ compensation scheme, there are limits to your entitlements. For instance, you will only be allowed a certain number of physiotherapy or massage therapy visits under your workers’ comp plan.

What If My Employer Won’t Pay?

As noted above, workers’ compensation insurance is generally mandatory. However, many employers will still try to escape liability in order to protect their low insurance premiums.

The easiest way for an employer to do this is to attempt to prove that your injury did not arise as a result of your working activities. This is easier in some cases than in others.

For example, if you fall off a height and break your leg at work, it will be impossible for your employer to argue that you weren’t injured at work.

On the other hand, if your injury arose because of repetitive strain, your employer might be able to make a convincing argument that you sustained it due to activities carried out outside the workplace.

Getting the Care You Need

If you’ve suffered an injury, the first thing on your mind will be recovering from it. Workers’ comp doctors can help you take the first step and guide you through the entire process.

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We all know that technology has changed the way we live our lives. The growth in technology has helped shape the world in a certain way. Everyone is now so dependent on it to help them do their jobs. One industry that has benefitted from it the most is the health industry. These days, all healthcare professionals will use various technology to conduct their work. When I say ‘healthcare professionals’ I’m talking about a range of people. We’re not just speaking about doctors; we’re talking about anyone that works within healthcare.

More to the point, how are they using technology? What stuff are they using, and how does it make their life easier. And, are patients getting better treatment as a result of it? All these questions will be answered in just a few moments. All you have to do is continue reading down below:


(Picture from Flickr: https://flic.kr/p/wGWDLp)


Over the years, technology has evolved to help create safer x-rays. Not only are they safer for patients, but they’re also much quicker too. Many dentists can now give a patient an x-ray and get the results on screen immediately. Whereas, in the past, you’d have to wait a few days for the results to become clear. Obviously, this benefits both the patient and the healthcare professional. Neither has to wait long for results, meaning action can be taken quickly. Being able to act quickly means you can help prevent bad things from happening.

Video Consultations

There are some simple advancements that have helped move the industry forward. For example, video calling is now quick and easy to do. You can have a chat with someone, via video, and it will be high-quality and smooth. This translates well into the health industry. Doctors can use it for telemedicine solutions. This refers to conducting consultations by video chats and still getting paid for it. How does this benefit the patient? It means they don’t have to go through the effort of popping into the surgery for a quick checkup. They won’t have to book time off work and can have a quick chat from their laptop. For the doctor, it means their waiting room doesn’t get clogged up, and they can see to more patients. All in all, it helps everyone involved.

Social Networking

Believe it or not but healthcare professionals are using social networks to provide better treatment. They don’t use the regular ones like Facebook & Twitter; they have special ones. Doximity is a social network that only physicians can access. On it, they can communicate and collaborate with one another. It means that a doctor can seek help and advice from thousands of fellow doctors. Doing this can help them solve tougher cases and come up with better solutions. As a result, patients will be receiving better treatment.

It’s evident that professionals are using technology for good reasons. We, as patients, can look to benefit from all the tech being used. We’re getting better healthcare, and things look to continue this trend. The most interesting thing to think about is how different things will be in a few years time. We’ll revisit this topic in a few years and see how much we’ve moved on since then.