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Those who have previously experienced a dental emergency know how important it is to receive immediate dental care. Luckily, our emergency dentists at BowTie Dental Studio are always ready to help. No matter how simple your dental problem might seem or if you aren’t feeling pain at all, we advise you to visit an Emergency Dentist in Brooklyn if you or your family are facing any of the following dental issues:

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  • Toothaches

Tooth pain is one of the most common emergencies. This pain can result from multiple dental problems, like deep cavities, trauma, bruxism or periodontal disease. Our emergency dentist will evaluate your case and find out what’s causing the toothaches to provide immediate relief.

In the meantime

Rinse your mouth with salty warm water and use dental floss to keep the area clean. Apply a cold compress on the site if you detect any swallowing and take over-the-counter painkillers if required.

  • Broken Teeth

Dental fractures are frequent in kids and people who practice contact sports like football, ice hockey and boxing. The type of treatment required in these cases depends on the extension and severity of the fracture, so you’ll need to see your emergency dentist in Brooklyn to find the best way to restore your tooth function and aesthetics.

In the meantime, try to save missing pieces and clean the area by rinsing your mouth with salty warm water. If the trauma has caused bleeding, apply pressure with a gauze till it stops. You can also apply a cold compress in the area to ease the pain and prevent severe swallowing. 

  • Loose or Knock out Teeth

More than 5 million teeth are knocked out yearly due to accidents or dental trauma. This dental emergency might seem a nightmare initially, but if you are seen by an emergency dentist soon enough, you have a good chance of saving the knocked-out teeth.

In the meantime, find the missing tooth and grab it by the crown. Rinse it with water if it’s dirty and place it in a container filled with milk or a balanced saline solution (never water!), or keep it inside your mouth, so that it is in contact with your saliva. The successful reimplantation of a knock-out tooth is time-dependant, so visit the office as soon as possible!

  • Dental Abscesses

A dental abscess is an acute infection that accumulates pus beneath the gum tissue and typically causes pain and swallowing. This type of infection is a serious condition that can affect your overall health if it is not treated on time. Your emergency dentist will prescribe antibiotics and might need to perform some clinical procedures to drain the abscess. 

In the meantime

Make an emergency appointment to see your dentist as soon as possible and rinse your mouth with a saltwater solution (1/2 teaspoon of salt in 8 ounces of water) several times a day until you visit the office.


With several dental secrets floating around the internet, there has been a rise in the number of cheap dental implant providers in London and other locations up and down the UK which are becoming more and more popular. This is due to the amazing results that they provide at a significantly lower cost. Here we are going to look at some of the other well-kept secrets that you need to know before your next visit to the dentist.

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You Don’t Need To Visit Every Six Months

One of the secrets that dentists will never tell you is that you do not need to visit the dentist every six months, but rather once every year- this is only if your oral hygiene is as up to date! It is important that you visit the dentist as quickly as possible if you are feeling any discomfort as this could be the beginning signs of a much bigger issue.  

Oil Pulling Does Work

Another secret that dentists will never tell you is that oil pulling does work. This unorthodox method of whitening teeth is often glossed over by dentists who would much rather you opt for a conventional tooth whitening method in their office which could cost you significantly more. This is an at-home treatment that uses oils such as coconut oil to gradually remove the stains from your teeth without the use of harsh chemicals or even a visit to the dentist. With some simple online research, you can undertake an oil pulling treatment at home completely risk-free.

Fluoride Is Not All Bad

Many sources have been reporting on the use of fluoride in oral hygiene for several years with differing results. Although it is scientifically proven that too much fluoride can be harmful to the teeth, it has also been proven that a little amount of fluoride can gradually strengthen the teeth and help to strengthen enamel. This small amount of fluoride can be found in specialised mouthwash and can be added to your every day routine with ease. This is vital as this ensures that you have the fluoride that you need to keep the teeth health without using to much.

Fish tanks Are There To Calm The Patient

The fish tank that you often see in the dentist isn’t just for decoration. This fish tank is most likely there to calm the patients in the waiting room by creating a calming environment. With a combination of bright coloured fish and the calming whir of the pump, this can help to calm those that are waiting whilst creating a calming environment post-treatment. This is particularly beneficial for those that fear the dentist as this is a distraction tactic to help calm the patient and ensure that they are feeling as relaxed as possible both before and after.

Each of these are top tips that your dentists do not want you to know and are something that you can look out for on your next trip.