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Perhaps there was a time when people could agree to disagree about differences in political viewpoints, but it seems that, on at least one site, those days are in the past. According to data from the website OkCupid, people who use that site increasingly use politics as a signal to decide whether to pursue potential partners.For example, they may make choices about whether to go on dates based on who a person voted for in the last election. Many users also get offended if individuals on the dating site did not vote at all. This trend is particularly popular with the millennial generation.As it turns out, people may be more concerned with a partner’s political choices than sexual compatibility. That may come as a surprise to many people, but it’s something that emphasizes how numerous individuals believe that political leanings could have far-reaching consequences for an entire country instead of just a relationship. They may feel that political differences are simply too hard to overcome. 

People Also Want to Know About Candidates’ Dating Preferences

Something else that has become apparent in the months leading up to the 2020 presidential election in the United States is that people want to know about the candidates’ romantic lives. One buzzworthy, recent topic is whether Cory Booker, who intends to run in the Democratic race, is romantically involved. The combination of speculation and public events indicate he may be dating actress Rosario Dawson.Of course, people have shown curiosity about the private lives of famous people before. However, one aspect that changed over the past several years, though, is the increase in social media usage. Now, tech-savvy individuals can log onto their favorite sites and contribute to gossip about girlfriends, boyfriends, alleged affairs, breakups, and more, all in a matter of minutes.And, news outlets know that stories related to the romantic relationships of famous people get high levels of traffic. Until that changes, people will likely to see these topics continue to dominate the headlines.

What If Your Political Preferences Don’t Match a Partner’s?

With these things in mind, should people automatically assume it’s not worth pursuing people who don’t agree with their political views? Not necessarily. If you’re engaged in online dating or meeting someone who may have views that are different than yours, you may decide not to bring up any political topics until the relationship deepens a bit.The internet makes it simple and straightforward to get relationship advice at any time of the day or night. Going to those sites could give you confidence and help you learn how to succeed during a date. But, it’s still best to test the waters and use common sense. For example, if the person you’re dating voted for Donald Trump and you don’t agree with the president’s actions at all, let the individual get to know you beyond politics.Also, while flirting with the person, you may do or say things that indicate you’re willing to give some leeway regarding political differences. That could be accomplished if you joke or otherwise talk about politics in a lighthearted way.In most cases, you shouldn’t wait until the relationship gets serious before disclosing political-related information about yourself. Doing that could trigger an unnecessary fight. However, you may conclude that the most appropriate thing to do is not go out of your way to promote political beliefs on an online dating site or while going on an in-person date.That doesn’t mean you have to conceal who you are as a person, such as if politics is one of your passions. But, you may decide there’s no use in going out of your way to promote political beliefs that could be a turn-off before the individual sees you as a complex, whole, and valuable person.Dating is tricky, and politics could exacerbate that fact. However, the information here should help you take dating and politics in stride.


Your first date with a woman is your chance to get to know her better and establish a connection between you. If you’ve been out of the dating scene for a while or have little experience in courting women, you’d better do your homework and prepare for a date reading the following tips. Most of the recommendations given in this article by Ukrainian Dating Site UABrides.com apply not only to the first dates but also to all dates in general.


Women like reliable men who can make their own decisions. Don’t ask a woman where she would like to go. It is you who choose the venue for your date. It’s obvious: you ask her out, you choose the place.


Women have a well-developed sixth sense and they are very observant. It will not be an exaggeration to say that sometimes they can see through men. This is their natural tool that helps them pick the best partner. One of the qualities that women value most in men is confidence. If a man is unconfident, a woman will feel it. She will either get disappointed or, if she really likes him, try to focus on his other virtues. You should know that women find confident men sexy and appealing, so it can be an incentive for you to develop your confidence. Fake it till you make it.

Positive emotions

Women are very emotional creatures and you task is to evoke as many positive feelings in your date as possible. This is one of the secrets of a successful first date. Think outside the box. Instead of going to a café, take your date to the art gallery. Learn more about the current exhibition to impress her with your knowledge. Combine different activities to trigger more emotions. For example, take a walk in the park, then take a ride on a Ferris wheel, and after that relax at a cozy restaurant. The more diverse your date, the more impressions your girl will get.

Awkward silence

Actually, there is not such a thing as an awkward silence – there are silence and awkwardness separately. And if silence necessarily leads to an awkward feeling, you need to deal with it. If you’re having a conversation and suddenly a moment of silence sets in, your date will look at you trying to figure out what’s going on and if she notices your nervousness and desperate attempts to continue your dialog, that’s bad. But if she sees that you’re silent because you’re enjoying the moment, be it a walk or a cup of coffee, she’ll realize everything is under your control. Even if she was worried about the situation, your confident look will make her feel comfortable.


Don’t ask primitive questions (her favorite music, movies, etc). After several general questions, you’ll know what she does and what she’s interested in. Using that information, ask questions and keep the ball rolling. Your genuine interest in her personality will make you even more attractive in her eyes.


Your first date should not necessarily end with a kiss. If a woman isn’t ready for it, you may appear as too pushing. Remember that if a girl wants to kiss you, you’ll notice it. Her body language, her eyes, and the distance between you will signal her readiness for a kiss.


Discover how joining a dating site can change your life, even if you never get matched with someone from the site.

When you join a dating site, you may not be aware of how it can change your outlook on life, even if you don’t find a match right away. There are thousands of singles on a dating site at any given point in the day, so the odds of finding someone that you can fall in love with is quite possible, even if you have not been lucky in the past.

Here’s some awesome ways that by becoming a member to a dating site can increase your chances of changing the way you approach life and dating, even if you don’t meet someone online.

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  1. You become a better flirt. When you’re talking to people online, there is only so much polite conversation that can be had. You aren’t willing to waste your valuable time, and you certainly wouldn’t want anyone wasting yours. Because of this, you’re going to have to make all attempts to flirt really count. Since you’re on a dating site and one of the primary ways you talk to other people is through messages or chat. With messages, you have plenty of time to think of witty and charming things to say before you send the message off. It’s the same with chatting, although you don’t have quite as much time to respond.
  2. You have a much wider pool of singles to talk to. Because you are on a dating site where there are all sorts of people from all over the world, you are bound to talk to someone with a different background as you. This is the perfect way to force you to step outside of your comfort zone and interact with people you may have never talked to before. On top of that, by talking to people from different backgrounds, your ability to socialize in the real world can increase as well.
  3. Your self-confidence will soar. As you are making friends and going on dates with people you’ve met on a dating site, you might notice that your self-confidence will get a healthy boost. When you show people online how incredibly witty and charming you can be, more and more people will take notice. This newfound self-confidence can help you reach out to people that you may not have thought would ever give you the time of day. When it comes to dating, either online or in person, confidence speaks volumes and it goes a long way.
  4. You are more willing to take chances. Before joining a dating site, you may not have stood out from the crowd very much. You may have been that shy person who stood in the back while everyone around you was having fun. However, when you join these sites, you’ve got to talk to people. You have to come out of your comfort zone and be friendly, flirty, and personable if you want to find a date. When you take this out into the real world, you’re more likely to talk to people you meet. You’re more likely to do all of those things because you’ve had practice online. Yes, it may not be entirely the same, but it isn’t all that different, either.



Karen Marley, a divorced woman and a self-confessed serial mistress from UK, has had affairs with 50 married men over the past six years – and has no plans to change her habit.

“Married men are better trained,” she said in an interview with the Mirror.

“They have had all their rough edges sanded off by their wives and know how to behave around a lady. And married men are better in bed.”

Karen Marley says she has learned that a man who is still single into his 40s is single for a reason: either he has no social etiquette whatsoever or he’s a player, just looking for his next wrestle.

“A single guy I was on a date with licked his plate in a restaurant,” Karen Marley, 45, says.

“A married man would never do that because his wife would knock his head off his shoulders.”

Karen Marley is one of a growing number of women signing up to IllicitEncounters.com, a dating site for married people.

Women can join for free but men are charged £134 ($215) a month to find a mistress having consciously made a decision to have an affair.

Karen Marley, a divorced woman and a self-confessed serial mistress from UK, has had affairs with 50 married men over the past six years -

Karen Marley, a divorced woman and a self-confessed serial mistress from UK, has had affairs with 50 married men over the past six years -

Karen Marley justifies her behavior by saying she doesn’t want to steal the husbands away from their wives – she simply wants to “borrow” them.

“Their wives should be grateful when it’s me their husbands choose,” she says.

“I’m the perfect mistress. I am never going to ask them to leave their wives for me. Most mistresses do, but not me. If I asked him to leave his wife, in every argument from then on he would say: <<Do you know what I gave up for you?>> I don’t ever want to be part of that.

“In fact, when one of my men confessed about me to his wife and told me his marriage was over, I finished our affair. I was horrified. I don’t want to steal someone’s else husband for good, just borrow him for a while.

“I know how to behave as a mistress – and I don’t just mean in bed. I would never ring one of my married men at home at 2am or the weekend because that’s their time with their family.

“I would never throw a hissy fit if they don’t spend Valentine’s, Easter or Christmas with me. We both know exactly what the goalposts are. That’s the beauty of it all.”

Karen Marley has been confronted by a couple of angry wives who suspected she was sleeping with their husbands.

She insisted that she was merely friends with the men and stopped seeing them immediately. She feels no guilt about her behaviou because she says the men on the site have already made a conscious decision to have an affair before meeting her.

“I am not the reason for their marital problems,” she says.

“Also it costs so much to join, so you get a certain quality of man.”

Indeed, despite the current economic slump in the UK, Illicit Encounters have reported that business is booming – with the number of new members up by 27,000 in the last two months.

Experts say that that cheating websites are popular because many unhappily married couples simply cannot afford to get divorced in the current economic climate.

The stagnant housing market, growing family debt – up 58% to an average of £9,314 ($15,000) per family this year – and the average cost of divorce – £13,000 ($21,000) – are forces behind the wide-spread shift to infidelity.

Many new Illicit Encounters members stated on their application forms that they were joining because they were in unhappy marriages that they were unable to get out of in what is now a “double-dip” recession.

Illicit Encounters spokesperson Rosie Freeman-Jones said: “Many couples are now finding themselves trapped in unhappy marriages because they simply cannot afford to divorce.

“It’s not just legal fees. It’s the fact they can’t sell their houses since the market is so stagnant. Worse, some are in a position of negative equity. A surprisingly high number of people who have recently joined have said that they count their marriages as over already and would have already got a divorce by now if they could only afford it. Having an affair is treated almost as a practical, rather than a romantic, decision.”

Mistresses like Karen Marley are reaping the benefit from this boom in cheating. Karen Marley insists it is not money she is after. She makes her own living as a writer, and most of her relationships with men on Illicit Encounters are nothing more than short flings.

She says: “When husbands are on loan to me they almost revert back to being in their 20s because that’s often the last time they dated. We go to the theatre and do all the things married couple no longer do because they’ve already done it.

“I get the good bits of married men. During our time together, it’s the wife who is the other woman.”

Karen Marley divorced her husband 11 years ago, but says she is happier flitting from one man to the next rather than finding Mr. Right.

“I know married life isn’t for me. But I know that married men have the qualities I am looking for.”