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A number of factors go into consideration when choosing to pursue a degree at a higher institution or picking an institution to attend. Aside from the foundational interest in the degree and educational environment, prospective students and guardians also consider the required length of time, the cost of tuition, and the different benefits of attaining that particular degree.

For a number of people, the cost of education is a major hindrance to acquiring higher education. For others, it’s the length of time that such a degree requires.

Thankfully, there’s a non-traditional degree program option that provides a pathway to higher education, even without cutting out the major benefits of a conventional degree program. This is the accelerated degree, which simply aims to get students out of school as fast as possible to begin or continue pursuing their careers.

An accelerated degree program is a non-conventional course that offers prospective students the same degree, but in a shortened period of time when compared to traditional degrees. In recent times, accelerated degrees have become more popular than ever. In this article, we highlight the reasons why this is so and why it may be a great learning choice for you.

They save more learning time

This is the most popular reason for choosing an accelerated degree today. Unlike traditional degree programs that are structured into semesters that typically run for 16 weeks and require 12 to 17 credits per semester, accelerated programs run differently.

Accelerated degree programs typically run for shorter periods and are referred to as quarters or terms. During these terms, students don’t have the long breaks in between that conventional degree programs have. As a result, the amount of time spent learning is significantly compressed.

Accelerated degree demands are high and require a higher level of dedication. As a student who gets into accelerated programs, you have a chance of finishing your degree faster than the traditional learners, and doing this in a swift manner makes it worth it.

They offer several financial benefits

Of course, you will expect that because less time is spent in school, the tuition will be lower than that of traditional programs. This is true, and in fact, it offers other financial benefits. Investopedia records that because accelerated degree students can trim at least six months off their program schedule, there’s a high chance of saving more than $15,000.

Another perspective on this is that it is possible to avoid student loans, taking off a good amount of financial responsibilities from students. Students take loans because they cannot afford the quality education they want. However, with the same quality education becoming more affordable, it’s no surprise that these non-conventional degrees are becoming more popular.

They make faster career progression possible

For most people, their career plan is to get the education and required training, get accredited or qualified, and get a job that pays reasonably well. For others who are already treading on a career path, they require a level of advanced training that will advance their careers.

An accelerated program makes the possibilities of employment and career progression much faster and more attainable. Not only this, but you also get a good understanding of how the competitive market works.

Getting into and sustaining an accelerated degree program can be an intense process, as the requirements are typically demanding. However, the good side of it is that the entire process can give you a head start in your chosen career path.

They are a good option for those trying out career paths

Today, not everyone in college is going to follow the path of the course they’re studying. People choose to study different courses for different reasons, and it’s not until the end of some degree programs that some students begin to ask the right questions and realize that they would rather walk another path.

Accelerated degrees can offer students the opportunity to gain the required knowledge about a career path before deciding that it is the path they will truly follow.

Today, we have a number of accelerated online degrees, such as the UIndy ABSN program, that offer accredited and high-level curricula that prepare students for future career opportunities in the marketplace.

Following these benefits, an accelerated degree program can be your access to a career path or progression that you’ve always dreamed of.