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From an interesting concept just a few years ago, cloud software has now been adopted by many businesses looking to reap the benefits of the many advantages offered by the medium of computing.

How it works
Cloud software is a major development in computing that allows for on demand services and applications. The term cloud is basically a metaphor for the internet, a virtual world with almost limitless possibilities. Cloud software is hosted on the internet, allowing it to be supplied and used instantaneously. Cloud software is offered by some of the biggest names in computing, including McLaren Software and IBM.

Cloud computing

Cloud computing

Here are five ways that you can use cloud software in your business:

1. Increase Flexibility
Cloud computing doesn’t require the installation of software with discs, all the data is hosted on the internet. Once it has been developed by the provider, the cloud software is ready to be used by a business. This makes cloud software available on demand, meaning that a company using the variety of computing can be more flexible and able to react quicker to a given situation.

2. Reduce Costs
Cloud technology mitigates the need for developers to write endless data onto discs.
This cuts down on time, an advantage that is passed onto the customer in the form of reduced costs. In this way, cloud software can be used to cut out a significant area of expenditure for a business, and there are economic benefits too.

3. Easily send large files
Owing to the boundlessness of the internet, cloud software can be used to exponentially increase the space that a business has in which to keep files. This extra space can also be used to increase the ease with which large files can be sent. With traditional computing, a large file is generally sent via email, however, many services have limits relating the maximum file size that can be handled. Cloud software, such as a cloud drive, allows for large files to simply be placed on the internet, where they wait to be picked up by the recipient, cutting out the complications of sending a large file.

4. File Backup
A major risk when using traditional computing is the potential for hardware to malfunction. This can cause large amounts of data to be lost. Even if the data is retrieved, this can be a very long and drawn out process, and some data may still be missing. With data stored using cloud software, the potential for lost data is greatly reduced. When using cloud software, the process of backing up data is scheduled and completed automatically. Moreover, the recovery process is cheaper and around four times faster than the process required for data recovery of physical memory.

5. Accessible from anywhere
Perhaps the biggest advantage of cloud software is that it is available wherever there is wireless connectivity, which can be almost anywhere these days. Whether working from home or working in the field, employees and clients of a business can get to the data they need instantly and hassle free.