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Just this week, broker Core Spreads launched a new affiliate program, letting partners earn a capped commission rate. Besides indicating that Core Spreads is doing fine, this shows us how popular and successful CFD trading has become in recent years.

Trading is still a gray area to many, and the benefits are even more so. Just as people are afraid of the unknown, many will be reluctant to place any cash in a declining market, or a market they know nothing about. CFD trading makes both these issues much easier to handle, and as such, could be right for a brand new investor, or learning trader.

So, if you’re considering joining the game, here are some of the main reasons why CFD trading is so utterly popular.

Make profit in any market

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Gone are the days when you absolutely needed a rising market to make a decent profit. With CFD trading, you can make profit in a declining market by selling short that particular CFD. This kind of trading rewards strategy, critical thinking and a keen eye. It’s not potluck. It’s careful thought and planning.

The same goes for a booming market, too. You can make hefty sums of cash by buying that CFD. Of course, making profit in a rising market will always be easier than a declining one. But in CFD trading, it’s irrelevant. You can thrive in any scenario. Other forms of trading usually rely on a successful market, and only money can make money. You can now dispel that notion!

It’s convenient, and simple



And that’s an understatement. If you’re already trading forex, it will be quite simple for you to trade a range of commodity CFDs on the same platform. The tools and software are largely the same and have similar functions. It’s not like CFD trading will feel absolutely alien to people who have traded in the past. It’s still an easy process.

Plus, it’s never been quicker and easier to get started with your trades. Most platforms are designed with this idea in mind, in order to aid usability. Many thoughts in the Plus500 review, for example, encompass this notion about that platform. Of course, if you’re new to trading, you still have a long way to go, but once you’ve learned it will be easy to jump between commodities.

Less ownership and commitment

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There’s no fixed lot size when trading CFDs, so you have more options in terms of scale. Also, to begin a trade, you must only put down a small amount of the value of that total trade. You won’t need to account for the total cost. You’ll have more flexibility with your trades, and can be frugal where necessary.

Additionally, you aren’t required to own the commodity being traded. CFD traders aren’t at risk by taking ownership of any form of physical instrument. CFD is the representation of the commodity, if you will.

So, in short, CFD trading is a much more flexible option for those that desire it. It’s more secure, and carries less risk. Does that mean there’s less chance for greater profits? Maybe. But where certain trades can result in a heavy drop, CFD allows you to be more frugal, and more protected.


Money is ubiquitous in every aspect of modern society, and we all have a responsibility to keep our finances in great health. A better economic status will open up a world of possibilities. More importantly, making those improvements will create a brighter future for your loved ones too.

We all try to keep an eye on our finances. But the harsh reality is that most people fail to utilise their resources to maximum impacts. Regardless of your financial status, there’s always a way to improve things. Quite frankly, finding those options should be a priority.

Here are some of the key elements to ensure that your finances are in the best condition possible. Make the necessary changes, and you’ll be amazed at how quickly the results start to show.


Cut Waste

We’re all guilty of wasting money in one sense or another. With a little extra effort, you could probably cut your bills without making any sacrifice to your life habits. Ignoring those opportunities would be ridiculous.

The home is a great starting place. Making smart investments to lower your bills and improve your property is always a great idea. This could mean installing double glazed windows or an energy saving toilet. Those advancements will benefit you in the immediate future as well as the long-term.

Meanwhile, being resourceful and learning to upcycle items will save you the cost of buying certain items. Furthermore, it can be a great way to give the home a unique vibe. This is especially useful when upgrading the garden or decorating a child’s bedroom.

Earn More

It’s always easier to gain financial security when you have more money entering your bank account each month. Money isn’t the only source of satisfaction at work, but a job that pays well should be a target for everyone.

Those opportunities won’t present themselves on a plate, though. Upgrading your job applications with an improved cover letter or CV can make a world of difference. Alternatively, asking your boss for a salary increase in an appropriate manner could be the key to greater pay.


The other option is to launch a business of your own. Many startups have embraced modern tech to achieve great success in recent years. And there’s nothing to stop you following in their footsteps. You could even start it as a side operation until you’ve gained a positive reputation.

In any case, earning more money will create a brighter future. Just be sure that you continue to give your finances the same level of attention that they currently receive, and you should be just fine.

Expect The Unexpected

Being responsible with money doesn’t only mean taking care of the present. Life is fragile, and things can take a dramatic change in an instant. Therefore, you must prepare yourself for the worst situations imaginable.

When you suffer a serious accident, your priority should be to find a quick route to recovery. However, it’s difficult not to worry about the financial implications. Calling a motorcycle accident attorney, for example, could be the key to solving those particular problems. And with your finances under control, you’ll be able to concentrate on your health too.

You should make contingencies for redundancy or situations that may cause serious harm to your financial health. You’d be foolish to think that you’ll walk through life without any low points. In most cases, it’s the way we bounce back from those trials that counts. Remove the element of surprise, and you’ll be back on your feet ASAP.


Savings play a vital role in our lives. Whether it’s building a deposit for our first mortgage or making preparations for a rainy day doesn’t matter. The key is that those funds are an extra lifeline. If nothing else, they will help provide an easier retirement.

Nevertheless, you have a responsibility to make the most of those savings. Leaving your funds to grow in the bank will bring minimal interest. Finding another source of investment could be the key to catapulting your finances to the next level.


The most important thing is to research your options. Discovering an opportunity that offers enjoyment and better financial gains is vital. CFD trading is a popular option amongst the digitally savvy investors.  Learning more about this option could be very beneficial indeed.

Whatever you do, building those savings at a quicker rate will generate huge rewards in later life. If you are truly committed to building a brighter future, this item has to be on your agenda.


The global financial crisis has resulted in many changes on different markets. For instance, as you probably remember, many large banking organizations have collapsed and their collapse had serious consequences on the financial sector. Numerous elements of this sector that were “reserved” for the big players became available to the ordinary people and on top of that, they don’t have to leave their homes in order to get involved in this activity. Almost every type of trading is now available on the Internet. The financial industry has followed the process of digitalization just like most industries.

Today, any individual with a computer or a laptop and access to the Internet can start trading no matter where they are. Even though there are many different types of trading, the fact is that CFD trading is among the most popular ones. The reason is simple – any person that is willing to learn more about this market and procedure can earn a good amount of money in a relatively short period of time. In addition, if you are able to leave emotions out of this activity the success is almost guaranteed.

On top of that, there are many great companies offering CFD trading like CMC markets that will help you with this process. Now let’s see how you can get the most from this activity.

If we compare contracts for difference or CFD traders to any other type of traders we will notice that CFD traders don’t have to possess some special talents or skills. The things that are important for their success are good training, realistic goals, motivation and having everything under control.

Keep in mind that this financial sector is constantly changing and there are some rapid movements of huge amounts of money that are transferred from one account to another on a daily basis. Obviously, this means that there is a good chance to make good profit from these transactions, but chances are that you will lose huge amounts of money too.

However, this is only possible if you are not sticking to your plan and strategy. This is the reason why so many experts say that good training and preparing goals and plans is crucial before you even start with this activity. There are a huge number of people who think that reading a few articles on the Internet will make them a successful CFD trader, but this is wrong. You should never invest any money on a market that you don’t understand completely. Take some time to check specialized training blogs and sites where you will learn how to trade and how to monitor and analyze the future movements of CFD markets.

It is also a good idea to join forums and discussion boards or any other platform where you can discuss and get tips from CFD traders that have experience and success. The good news is that there are many traders like this who are willing to share their experience.

Finally, it is also a good idea to try the demo account from CFD trading platforms. The most successful CFD trading service providers offer free demo accounts for their users. This is excellent for beginner users because they can see how the trading works without investing real money.