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A car accident occurs every minute of every day. And brain injuries are one of the most common aftermaths of these accidents. If you’ve been involved in a car accident, you need immediate medical checkup to rule out any injuries to your brain.   

More importantly, it’s critical that you determine the type and severity of the damage, if brain injury is detected. This will help your doctor swiftly prescribe the right course of treatment as well as help your attorneys in demanding a fair compensation for damages. The brain injuries are broadly classified into five categories;

  • Concussions

A concussion is damage to the brain resulting from a direct blow to the head. It’s especially common in whiplash accidents. It can occur in open or closed head injuries. The most important thing to note is that patients rarely show symptoms and even if symptoms are present, they may not be severe. This makes it very important to hire a brain injury lawyer so detailed scans can be done to establish severity of damage. If scans aren’t done, it may appear like you didn’t suffer a brain injury.

  • Contusion

A contusion is also an injury to the brain caused by a direct blow to the head. In car accidents, it can occur if the driver hits his or her head on the steering wheel or against the window. The main difference between contusions and concussions is that in concussions, internal bleeding is very rare while with contusions, blooding is always present and can be severe. While it’s not usually the first option on the list, surgery is sometimes required to treat a contusion.

  • Coup-contrecoup

Coup-contrecoups are essentially contusions, the only difference being that here, the impact causes damage at both ends of the brain. For instance, if the original impact was situated at the front of the head, a similar impact would be detected at the exact opposite location at the back of the head. This normally occurs when the impact is large enough to cause damage at the site of impact as well as to move the brain at the opposite end of the head.

  • Diffuse axonal

Diffuse axonal injuries are mostly caused by shaking or a strong rotation of the head. Injury occurs because a sudden movement of the head often leaves the brain lagging behind. When the brain lags behind, the muscles attaching the brain to the skull can be torn. Often, extensive tearing of nerve tissue will be detected throughout the brain, potentially resulting in small masses of brain tissue being released which can cause additional injury.

  • Penetration injuries

Finally, a penetration injury is where a foreign object forces its way into the brain. Of brain injuries, this is the deadiest. Fatality rates are as high as 90%. The good news is that penetration injuries aren’t as common in car accidents as they are in violent acts of crime such as shootings and stabbings.

If you’re injured in a car accident, make sure that you get immediate medical attention and necessary scans to rule out brain injury. Even if there are no visible symptoms, it’s in your best interest to get the scans anyway for peace of mind.

Carrie Fisher unveiled her new 8 size figure after losing 50 lb at 54 this morning at the NBC’s Today Show.


Carrie Fisher, the Star Wars actress, 54, has shown off her slimline new look after losing of 50 lbs during an appearance on the Today Show.

Carrie Fisher, former Princess Lea of Star Wars, appeared in a black pantsuit and a cleavage-baring pink top. [googlead tip=”vertical_mare” aliniat=”dreapta”]

The Star Wars actress said she lost 50 pounds in 9 months since becoming the face of diet company, Jenny Craig.

Carrie Fisher lost 50 lb in nine months.
Carrie Fisher lost 50 lb in nine months.
Carrie Fisher said she topped the scale at 180 lbs

Carrie Fisher said she topped the scale at 180 lbs


When Carrie Fisher announced last January the deal with Jenny Craig and weight loss goals, she explained:


“I’m pretty fearless, but my scale is frightening. So I would go to the doctor and I would stand not facing it. That’s an adult! I have a child. So that’s something I’d like to not do anymore, be frightened of the scale.”


During her Today Show appearance, she told Ann Curry:

“I couldn’t leave the house to go bra shopping. I exhausted the alphabet on bra sizes.” [googlead tip=”lista_medie” aliniat=”stanga”]


[googlead tip=”patrat_mediu” aliniat=”stanga”] Carrie Fisher had joked about trying on her iconic gold metal bikini she wore as Princess Lea in Return of the Jedi in 1977.

“I want to get back in it and walk around the house like an idiot.”

“You know, answer the doorbell, [and say], <<What, this old thing? I’m just wearing my home style metal bikini>>.”

“I’ll come out with a line of metal bikinis for women over 40.”

But she said women above the age of 50 should not ever go sleeveless.

“I’m still probably not gonna wear a lot of sleeveless things. I lost 50 pounds. The Jenny Craig food is good….It tastes like you’re cheating!”

While Carrie didn’t say anything about her rejuvenated features, she was certainly forthcoming about her decision to lose weight.

Carrie Fisher, who is now a size 8, told the Today Show:


“I couldn’t look in the mirror. I saw pictures of myself where I didn’t look like myself.

I thought I was getting old. It turns out [I] was mostly getting fat.”


Now, Carrie Fisher, 54, is feeling more confident than ever, and is even ready to find love again.

“I’m putting myself on the market,” she told America’s People during an interview in the latest magazine’s issue.


“I’m ready to date again; this is my announcement.”


Carrie Fisher relations include Blues Brothers co-star Dan Aykroyd, singer-songwriter Paul Simon and casting agent Bryan Lourd, with whom she has a 19-year-old daughter, Billie.

At one moment in time, Carrie topped the scales at 180 lbs, she has said in the past.

To achieve her actual body, she reduced her intake to 1,500 calories per day.

Her favourite snacks include Skinny Cow Cookies ‘n Cream ice cream and Kozy Shack rice pudding.

Carrie Fisher also embarked on a fitness regime, doing 40-45 minutes of cardio 5 times a week.

“I’m not in love with the treadmill,” Carrie Fisher said.

“We’re in a truce situation. But I really like elliptical because I can read.”

[youtube GQfJwcS6qrQ]