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Muhammad Ali died of “septic shock due to unspecified natural causes”, his family has announced.

The boxing legend, formerly known as Cassius Clay, died on June 3 at a hospital in Phoenix, Arizona. He was 74.

Muhammad Ali had been suffering from a respiratory illness, a condition that was complicated by Parkinson’s disease.

A public funeral will be held for the boxer on June 9 in his hometown of Louisville in Kentucky.

Boxing legend Muhammad Ali has been taken to hospital after falling unconscious at home just days after his frail appearance at a funeral for Joe Frazier

Boxing legend Muhammad Ali has been taken to hospital after falling unconscious at home just days after his frail appearance at a funeral for Joe Frazier

The family spokesman, Bob Gunnell said: “He was a citizen of the world and would want people from all walks of life to be able to attend his funeral.”

Former President Bill Clinton is among those who will give a eulogy at the service, and was one of many prominent global figures who paid tribute to Ali on June 4, saying he lived a life “full of religious and political convictions that led him to make tough choices and live with the consequences”.

The legendary Brazilian footballer, Pele, said the sporting universe had suffered a huge loss.

President Barack Obama said: “Muhammad Ali shook up the world. And the world is better for it.”

Soon after retiring, rumors began to circulate about the state of Muhammad Ali’s health. His speech had become slurred, he shuffled and he was often drowsy.

Parkinson’s syndrome was eventually diagnosed but Muhammad Ali continued to make public appearances, receiving warm welcomes wherever he traveled.

One of the world’s best-known sportsmen, boxing legend Muhammad Ali, has died at the age of 74, a family spokesman has confirmed.

The former world heavyweight boxing champion died at a hospital in Phoenix, Arizona, after being admitted on June 2.

Muhammad Ali was suffering from a respiratory illness, a condition that was complicated by Parkinson’s disease.

The funeral will take place in his hometown of Louisville, Kentucky, his family said in a statement.

Born Cassius Marcellus Clay, Muhammad Ali shot to fame by winning light-heavyweight gold at the 1960 Rome Olympics.

Nicknamed “The Greatest”, he beat Sonny Liston in 1964 to win his first world title and became the first boxer to capture a world heavyweight title on three separate occasions.

Muhammad Ali eventually retired in 1981, having won 56 of his 61 fights.

Crowned “Sportsman of the Century” by Sports Illustrated, Muhammad Ali was noted for his pre- and post-fight talk and bold fight predictions just as much as his boxing skills inside the ring.Muhammad Ali pneumonia

He was also a civil rights campaigner and poet who transcended the bounds of sport, race and nationality.

Asked how he would like to be remembered, Muhammad Ali once said: “As a man who never sold out his people. But if that’s too much, then just a good boxer. I won’t even mind if you don’t mention how pretty I was.”

Muhammad Ali turned professional immediately after the Rome Olympics and rose through the heavyweight ranks, delighting crowds with his showboating, shuffling feet and lightning reflexes.

British champion Henry Cooper came close to stopping Cassius Clay, as he was still known, when they met in a non-title bout in London in 1963.

Henry Cooper floored Cassius Clay with a left hook, but Clay picked himself up off the canvas and won the fight in the next round when a severe cut around Cooper’s left eye forced the Englishman to retire.

In February 1964, Cassius Clay stunned the boxing world by winning his first world heavyweight title at the age of 22.

He predicted he would beat Sonny Liston, who had never lost, but few believed he could do it.

Yet, after six stunning rounds, Sonny Liston quit on his stool, unable to cope with his brash, young opponent.

At the time of his first fight with Sonny Liston, Cassius Clay was already involved with the Nation of Islam, a religious movement whose stated goals were to improve the spiritual, mental, social, and economic condition of African Americans in the US.

In contrast to the inclusive approach favored by civil rights leaders like Dr. Martin Luther King, the Nation of Islam called for separate black development and was treated by suspicion by the American public.

Muhammad Ali eventually converted to Islam, ditching what he perceived was his “slave name” and becoming Cassius X and then Muhammad Ali.

In 1967, Muhammad Ali took the momentous decision of opposing the US war in Vietnam, a move that was widely criticized by his fellow Americans.

Muhammad Ali refused to be drafted into the US military and was subsequently stripped of his world title and boxing license. He would not fight again for nearly four years.

After his conviction for refusing the draft was overturned in 1971, Muhammad Ali returned to the ring and fought in three of the most iconic contests in boxing history, helping restore his reputation with the public.

Muhammad Ali was handed his first professional defeat by Joe Frazier in the “Fight of the Century” in New York on March 8, 1971, only to regain his title with an eighth-round knockout of George Foreman in the “Rumble in the Jungle” in Kinshasa, Zaire (now Democratic Republic of Congo) on October 30, 1974.

He fought Joe Frazier for a third and final time in the Philippines on October 1, 1975, coming out on top in the “Thrilla in Manila” when Frazier failed to emerge for the 15th and final round.

Six defenses of his title followed before Muhammad Ali lost on points to Leon Spinks in February 1978, although he regained the world title by the end of the year, avenging his defeat at the hands of the 1976 Olympic light-heavyweight champion.

Muhammad Ali’s career ended with one-sided defeats by Larry Holmes in 1980 and Trevor Berbick in 1981, many thinking he should have retired long before.

He fought a total of 61 times as a professional, losing five times and winning 37 bouts by knockout.

Soon after retiring, rumors began to circulate about the state of Muhammad Ali’s health. His speech had become slurred, he shuffled and he was often drowsy.

Parkinson’s Syndrome was eventually diagnosed but Muhammad Ali continued to make public appearances, receiving warm welcomes wherever he travelled.

Muhammad Ali lit the Olympic cauldron at the 1996 Games in Atlanta and carried the Olympic flag at the opening ceremony for the 2012 Games in London.


Manny Pacquiao has sparked controversy for calling gays “worse than animals” in a recent TV interview.

The boxer’s comments drew ire from gay Filipino celebrities and a rights group, as well as heated discussion.

The former world champion, who positions himself as a conservative Christian politician, is running for a senate seat in May elections.

The largely Catholic Philippines remains conservative on gay rights.

Manny Pacquiao, who is a member of the Philippines house of representatives, was speaking to local station TV5 earlier this week for its election coverage.

In a clip posted online, Manny Pacquiao tells the interviewer: “It’s common sense. Will you see any animals where male is to male and female is to female?”

“The animals are better. They know how to distinguish male from female. If we approve [of] male on male, female on female, then man is worse than animals.”

Photo Instagram

Photo Instagram

Filipino comedian Vice Ganda and singer Aiza Seguerra, who are openly gay, have criticized Manny Pacquiao for his comments, calling him a “hypocrite” and a “false prophet”.

Local gay rights organization and political group Ladlad condemned his remarks and issued a call to voters to boycott Manny Pacquiao.

On February 16, Manny Pacquiao, who has won world titles in eight different weight divisions, posted a picture of himself with his wife on Instagram in an apparent response to the controversy.

He said: “I rather obey the Lord’s command than obeying the desires of the flesh. I’m not condemning anyone, but I’m just telling the truth of what the Bible says.”

The furor has split the online world, where many Christian followers have shown support for Manny Pacquiao while others have condemned him for his views.

Manny Pacquiao remains hugely popular in the Philippines, and has spoken frequently about his renewed Christian faith. He represents his wife’s home province of Sarangani in the Philippines’ House of Representatives.


Floyd Mayweather maintains his unbeaten record and wins the richest fight in boxing history after beating Manny Pacquiao via a wide unanimous decision in Las Vegas.

Floyd Mayweather, 38, delivered a defensive master class against his Philippine rival, making the necessary adjustments after only a few rounds before disappearing out of sight.

The American, who added the WBO welterweight title to the WBC and WBA titles he already owned, was awarded the fight 118-110, 116-112 and 116-112 by the three judges.

With his victory, Floyd Mayweather also cemented his status as the greatest pound-for-pound boxer of his generation.

The five-weight world champion is now undefeated in 48 professional fights, stretching back 19 years.

Six-weight world champion Manny Pacquiao, 36, falls to 57 wins, six losses and two draws.

Tickets for the bout – billed as “The Fight of the Century” – changed hands for as much as $350,000 and American fans were charged almost $100 to watch on television.Mayweather beats Pacquiao 2015

Rival broadcasters Showtime and HBO joined forces for the first time since Lennox Lewis fought Mike Tyson in 2002 to show the fight, with Jimmy Lennon Jr. and Michael Buffer sharing ring announcer duties.

A-listers in the 16,507 crowd included Clint Eastwood, Robert De Niro, Sting, Prince and Donald Trump.

Multi Grammy Award winner Jamie Foxx sang the American national anthem prior to the fighters entering the ring. So prized was a seat that many celebrities were even sat behind the press row.

Manny Pacquiao began his ring walk at 20:45 Vegas time – to the strains of a song he recorded especially for the occasion – and was awarded a rapturous reception. Floyd Mayweather, on the other hand, was roundly booed, despite being effectively the house fighter.

The opening round was extremely cagey, with both men trying to establish their distance, but Floyd Mayweather did land with a couple of eye-catching right hands on the counter.

Not only did Floyd Mayweather look noticeably bigger than Manny Pacquiao, he also looked quicker in the early rounds.

When Pacquiao did get close, Mayweather was content to tie him up, to both Pacquiao and the fans’ frustration.

While many observers who paid to watch would have been disappointed with the action, the fact that Floyd Mayweather won so handily was more proof of his unparalleled genius.

Manny Pacquiao’s pride will no doubt be salved when he next checks his bank account – it is estimated the fight will generate $400 million in total, with Floyd Mayweather and Pacquiao set to split in the region of $230 million.

Afterwards Floyd Mayweather confirmed he would fight one more time in September before retiring, although the opportunity to surpass Rocky Marciano’s mark of 49 fights undefeated might prove too tempting to pass up.


The funeral of former boxing champion Hector “Macho” Camacho erupted into chaos after a fight broke out between Cynthia Castillo, a woman claiming to be his girlfriend, a former lover and his sisters.

Family, fans and fellow boxers had gathered in San Juan, Puerto Rico on Tuesday to say goodbye to the slain former world champion fighter, known for his flamboyance in and out of the ring.

The brawl broke out after 28-year-old Cynthia Castillo, dressed in a pink T-shirt emblazoned with Hector Camacho’s face, leaned down to kiss his body in the open casket.

Cynthia Castillo then walked into an area reserved for family – causing tensions to spill over with the boxer’s sisters and former lover, 50-year-old Gloria Fernandez.

The scuffle migrated outside the memorial service, followed by a pack of journalists brandishing camera phones and police who separated the women.

Cynthia Castillo said she was the boxer’s girlfriend before he died, calling him “my partner, my friend, my brother”, according to El Nuevo Dia.

Police urged the young woman to leave the scene while the sisters returned to the service.

There were emotional scenes throughout the day as members of Hector Camacho’s immediate family approached the coffin.

The boxer’s mother Maria Matias wept and caressed her son’s face in the coffin, which was draped in a Puerto Rican flag.

“They killed him,” she wailed at one point.

The funeral of Hector Camacho erupted into chaos after a fight broke out between Cynthia Castillo, a former lover and his sisters

The funeral of Hector Camacho erupted into chaos after a fight broke out between Cynthia Castillo, a former lover and his sisters

Hundreds of people filed past Hector Camacho’s open casket, displayed inside a gymnasium decked out for the occasion with black carpet and curtains.

The boxer wore white, along with a large gold crucifix and a necklace spelling out his nickname, “Macho”, in capital letters.

Hector Camacho was shot on November 20 while sitting in a parked car with a friend outside a bar in his hometown of Bayamon. The friend died at the scene and the boxer three days later after doctors removed him from life support.

Police have said they have suspects but have not yet arrested anyone for the shooting.

After the family, came a cross-section of Puerto Rican society that included parents with young children, the elderly, road crew workers in neon safety vests, U.S. soldiers in uniform and a who’s who of Puerto Rican boxers.

“Everybody loved him here in Puerto Rico,” said Henry Neumann, the secretary of the U.S. island territory’s sports and recreation department.

“He is one of those athletes who transcended the barriers of his country not only for his skill inside the ring but for his personality.”

Hector Camacho, who was 50 when he died, left Puerto Rico as a child and moved to New York.

He went on to win super lightweight, lightweight and junior welterweight world titles in the 1980s and fought high-profile bouts against Felix Trinidad, Julio Cesar Chavez and Sugar Ray Leonard. He had a career record of 79-6-3 and was a showman in the ring, chanting “It’s Macho time” before fights and wearing garish jewelry.

He battled drug and alcohol problems throughout his life and had frequent run-ins with police.

Hector Camacho was sentenced in 2007 to seven years in prison for the burglary of a computer store in Mississippi. While arresting him on the burglary charge in January 2005, police also found the drug ecstasy.