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Selling women’s shoes is one of the best businesses you can do. It is undeniable that many women love shoes and enjoy shopping for them too. If your customer base is made up of women, you can be assured of getting a lot of business all year round. There is a huge variety of women’s shoes available today. When buying wholesale shoes for your business, consider this:


Sandals may seem like the simplest category of women’s shoes but there is a lot to think about. You need to consider the season and the environment in which you are selling the shoes. If you are on the east or west coast, beach sandals should make up a lot of your sandals stock, especially in summer. Other types of sandals include thong sandals, flats, wedges, strappy sandals and so much more. Sandals are a trend in the warmer seasons, especially in nudes, beiges, browns and blacks. You should stock up sandals in all sizes as almost all women wear them, especially if they are really comfortable.


Pumps are also versatile shoes and just like sandals, they are worn by a lot of women. It is advisable to add pumps to your store if you have a women’s shoe store. Pumps come with a range of heel heights. If your target demographic were the young, trendy and fashionable, then higher heels would be great. Choose a variety of colors and fabrics too as the fashion for pumps is quite versatile.


Boots are ideal for a turn of the weather. They make up most women’s looks for fall, winter, and early spring. Boots should be comfortable and weather proof. It is also worth noting that boots have evolved beyond cold weather and muddy puddles. Open toe boots are still a hit for the warmer seasons like late spring and summer. Depending on the design, it wouldn’t hurt to have a few in stock even in the warmer months.


There is a very specific demographic of women who buy sneakers. Most women will own many pairs of sandals and pumps but only one or two pairs of sneakers. Unless your target is sports and fitness for women’s wear, do not load up too much on the sneakers. If you do, keep then trendy and comfortable. Choose designs that can make a part of an everyday look rather than focus on the exercise look.



How a girl can quickly (as well as effortlessly and economically) freshen up her work look after a long day in the office, readying herself for a night on the town?

Debenhams may, after all these years, finally have the answer: the 2-in-1 boot.

The unique leather boot – the brainchild of London-based designer Betty Jackson – begins life as the casual Chelsea ankle-high.

In a matter of seconds – and with a little help from a long leather cuff which fastens beneath the foot – it can become a completely different, smarter evening knee-high with buckle detail.

Debenhams 2in1 boots

Debenhams 2in1 boots

Available in black and brown, the innovative product costs £120 ($188) and was developed after customer research showed that women wanted a quick and simple solution to shaking up their work look.

Natelle Baddeley, Head of Accessories Design at Debenhams: “This boot is the ultimate choice in footwear for fashion-savvy recessionistas.

“Women are being more and more careful with their cash than before, but still want to invest in great quality and design.

“We wanted to offer our customers that little bit extra, so thought what better than two on-trend, stylish boots for the price of one!”


Lift & Luminate No 7 anti-ageing serum from Boots is set to be a sell-out success when it hits England’s stores next week.

Priced at £24.95 ($39.5) the Lift & Luminate Day & Night Serum goes on sale on April 18 and claims to reduce the appearance of fine lines and firm up skin.

It joins a number of other wrinkle-busting lotions from the high street retailer which have disappeared from shelves within days of launch.

Two years ago the Protect & Perfect lotion sold out 24 hours after going on sale as scientists from BBC’s Horizons programme deemed it a “miracle product”.

And now the British chemist is hoping its latest offering will be just as successful.

Lift & Luminate Day & Night Serum goes on sale on April 18 and claims to reduce the appearance of fine lines and firm up skin

Lift & Luminate Day & Night Serum goes on sale on April 18 and claims to reduce the appearance of fine lines and firm up skin

Dr. Tamara Griffiths, consultant dermatologist at Manchester University applauded the rise of affordable skincare solutions.

She said: “Lines, wrinkles and sagging skin are obvious concerns, but the ageing effects of pigmentation such as age spots and uneven skin tone can also play a significant role.

“There are treatments available however they can be costly and cause side effects and I certainly will welcome a safe, at home treatment.”

Lift & Luminate No 7 serum has been tested on more than 1,200 women and is said to smooth out wrinkles, even skin tone and firm up the face to give it a youthful appearance.

During one trial involving more than 180 women, 80% reported their skin felt radiant after just one use while 73% noticed skin looked younger after just four weeks.

Results of the tests will be revealed to experts at the forthcoming British Society of Investigate Dermatology Conference.

In a recent interview Gwyneth Paltrow also revealed that she was a fan of the Boots No 7 range.

Gwyneth Paltrow said: “One of the many exciting things about living in England for a good part of the year is the perpetual discovery.

“Boots is almost as ubiquitous as the pub here in England. Everyone raves about Boots’ own line No7 and their range of high quality cosmetics, moisturizers and cleansers.”