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In terms of natural beauty, countries do not come more astonishing or epic than Iceland. This very unique and beautiful country is perfect for adventure seekers and/or nature lovers, as it boasts some of the most amazing natural landmarks on the planet. Not just this, but Iceland is also home to charming cities, welcoming locals, a unique culture and it is one of the best places to see one of the world’s greatest sights – The Northern Lights. Here are a few natural landmarks to visit during your stay.


Blue Lagoon

This is Iceland’s top tourist attraction and this is for good reason. Although Blue Lagoon is a man-made geothermal spa, it is located with truly epic natural surroundings and you are able to bathe in 40-degree blue-green water whilst encircled by ice and snow.


Lake Myvatn

Be sure to pack your camera when you head to Lake Myvatn, as here you will find all kinds of astonishing natural beauty. This includes incredible lakes, volcanic craters and a host of amazing wildlife. The most impressive aspect is the waterfall of the Gods, which is a stunning sight and one of the most famous waterfalls in Europe.



At Gullfoss, you will find the type of scenery that you only see in films or on postcards. The breathtaking waterfall crowns and climaxes the “Golden Circle” – this is the most popular day tour from the capital and an absolute must for any visitor. Expect a scenic gorge, a beautiful lake, water spraying against a clear blue sky and a constant rainbow.

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Another astonishing waterfall, Glymur is Iceland’s highest and most graceful waterfall with small ribbons that flow into an epic canyon. The surrounding area is beautiful and extremely peaceful, making it a great place for a rewarding hike.



Deep within this amazing lava-tube cavern you will find ice candles, lava formations and other great sights. Known as the “King of Caves”, Raufarholshellir is estimated to be 1360 metres long and it is a thrilling experience that is unlike most tourist attractions. You will need to be on a tour to get access to the cave, so you will want to book with an adventure holiday specials’ like Exodus.


There is no other country in the world quite like Iceland and it is a superb destination for nature lovers. These are a few of the highlights, but there are many more magical places to see and things to experience in this great country.