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Bee Infestations


Do you have bees around your house?

If you see bees frequently buzzing around your house, you could have a bee infestation. Depending on the type of bee that has invaded your home, it could cause significant damage to the structure of your house.

Here are some signs to look for if you suspect a bee infestation.

Buzzing or Humming Sounds

If you hear faint buzzing or humming sounds in your house, that could be a sign there are bees within the walls. The louder the buzzing, the more bees there may be. If you hear them, go outside to try to spot them.

Check under the eaves of the house for any signs of nests or bees coming in and out of a hole or crack in the siding. If you see them, then you could have a colony of bees within the walls.


Piles of Sawdust

If you find sawdust piles near a wooden structure or an object, then you may be dealing with a carpenter bee invasion. Carpenter bees love to bore into wood and make their nests inside of structures, like your house.

Carpenter bees resemble bumble bees, but they are larger and do not have yellow markings. They can also be aggressive if they are disturbed, but only the females can sting, which they will do if provoked.

Look for Landing Stains

When bees fly up to a hive or nest, they first land and then walk into it. This action can leave a landing stain on the side of the house where the opening to the hive is located.

Depending on how long the bees have been inside of your house, the stain may look like a small charcoal rub or a dark sticky substance. The stain is made from propolis that is on their legs and abdomen, which rubs off as they land at the entrance of the hive.

Odd Smell

Beehives give off a distinctive smell that is hard to forget, and you may smell it if there is a bee infestation in the walls of your house. It is slightly sweet and is a mixture of beeswax, pheromones, pollen, fermenting honey, and propolis.

Be careful if you decide to investigate where the smell is coming from because you could happen onto a wasp nest or a honeybee hive. While honeybees are not usually bothersome, if they or the beehive is disturbed, they will swarm and sting to protect themselves.

Nests Under Eaves

Sometimes you may see nests under the eaves of your house if there are wasps, hornets, or bees around your house. While you can get rid of the nest, it could easily reappear if there is a colony of bees or wasps.

If you have a problem with bees around your house, you can go to beekeepersandiegoca.com to find out how to humanely get rid of them. If they are honeybees, the company will save them and put them in a hive where they will be safe.

While the presence of bees can be a symbol of luck in some cultures, for most people, a hive with a large colony of bees in the wall of their house can be scary. If you think you may have bees, wasps, or hornets, call in professionals to remove them.