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Mirlande Wilson, the woman who claims to be one of the three lucky winners of Friday’s Mega Millions, had previously refused to say where she had hidden her “winning ticket”, and would only reveal it was “some place safe”.

Mirlande Wilson, 37, from Baltimore, Maryland, has now told the New York Post the winning ticket is hidden somewhere in the McDonald’s restaurant where she works.

Despite the fact her coworkers, who claim the ticket was among a pool they organized to split the jackpot, are out for her blood and are more than likely searching the Milford Mill branch from top to bottom for the golden ticket, Mirlande Wilson assures they will not find it.

“I left my ticket there and it’s somewhere safe that only I know about,” Mirlande wilson told the Post, though revealed it was not in the company safe along with those bought for the workplace pool.

“I’m waiting for things to calm down so I can go back to McDonald’s and get it. The people there are too excited. I want their heads to cool down before I go back.”

But her coworkers aren’t so sure Mirlande Wilson is telling the truth.

The manager at the McDonald’s branch said: “That’s impossible. She didn’t come back here.”

Another colleague told the Post: “I don’t believe her. I didn’t believe her from the beginning, she’s always been strange.

“She’s an attention seeker. She likes to have all the attention on herself.”

Mirlande Wilson claims that the winning ticket is hidden somewhere in the McDonald's restaurant where she works

Mirlande Wilson claims that the winning ticket is hidden somewhere in the McDonald's restaurant where she works

On her Facebook page, Mirlande Wilson has pledged to donate all of the winnings to rebuild her earthquake-ravaged native Haiti.

Mirlande Wilson wrote: “All my true friend know im not greedy a person [sic] i don’t want da money it made my life a living hell already im gonna give it all to rebuild haiti yall [sic] can chase all want my life and, my children it more important for money [sic].”

Mirlande Wilson held her own news conference last night where a lawyer pleaded that his client “be allowed to return to a normal life”, according to Wsbt.com.

Lawyer Edward Smith Jr. asked the media to leave his client alone. Mirlande Wilson said little, only confirming that she is originally from Haiti.

The attorney said the attention had caused his client’s blood pressure to spike. He said he was hired to protect her in case she was sued.

When asked if Mirlande Wilson had hidden her ticket inside the McDonald’s where she worked, the attorney said he did not know where the ticket was.

Mirlande Wilson told NBC she gave all of her coworkers the copies of the tickets for the pool and the winning ticket was not among them.

Instead she claims to have sent a friend to buy more tickets later that day and the winning one was among them.

“McDonald’s don’t have nothing to do with this,” she insisted.

“They don’t have nothing to do with – they don’t even know about it and they don’t even have nothing to do with this. It’s only us by ourself [sic].”

Lottery executives said they cannot confirm who the lucky three ticket holders are in Maryland, Kansas and Illinois until they come forward.

Mirlande Wilson has yet to produce a ticket, leaving Mega Millions officials skeptical.

Stephen Martino, Maryland lottery director, told ABC: “We don’t know any more than the public or media does and it’s all speculation and we’re not going to get involved in that.”

Another official added: “It’s probably not this person.”