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Al Capone’s Palm Beach mansion is due to be put on sale for a wealthy history buff who enjoys the sun.

The mansion has changed hands several times since Scarface died there in 1947, and the latest owner dedicated a significant amount of cash to restore the property to its former glory – or notoriety.

The palatial estate has a number of quintessentially Palm Beach touches, such as the clean lines and arched porticos lining up against the manicured green lawn.

Al Capone's Palm Beach mansion to be put on sale for nearly $10 million

Al Capone's Palm Beach mansion to be put on sale for nearly $10 million

If a passer-by did not know that the prime estate was previously owned by Al Capone, it would be easy to see a titan of any industry – though not necessarily a criminal mob – walking around the property, cigar in hand.

That may well be the case after the house officially hits the open market.

Current owner Peter Corsell, a founder of an energy company, bought the waterfront home for $5.65 million and spent the past year restoring it to it’s former grandeur.

The cost of that time and labour is that the listing will be set at $9.95 million.

The nearly-$10million price-point is a far cry from Al Capone’s heyday.

The true American gangster bought the property for just $40,000 in 1928, when he was reaching the pinnacle of his power during the height of the prohibition.

The home, which boasts the address 93 Palm Avenue on ultra-exclusive Palm Island, sits on a football field-sized lot on the edge of Biscayne Bay.

The New York Daily News reports that ornate plasterwork is seen throughout, and though the color of the awnings above each window has changed, they still remain as ray-stoppers.

And in case the new owner has a need to resort to the criminal ways of his predecessors, there is a private getaway dock for use.


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