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We’ve heard of father and son as well as mother and daughter matching shoes. What you don’t hear about as much (and what might be the cutest of all) is father daughter matching shoes.

Like father like daughter is a phrase you hear all the time. Celebrate the closeness and similarities between a father and daughter by purchasing a pair of matching father daughter sneakers. No one will be able to resist the cuteness.

Your daughter will look back at photos of you both in matching sneakers and be so happy about the bonding time you had while she was young. With so many shoe stores online, it might be hard to find the right pair of shoe that matches both you and your daughter’s personalities (while still pleasing your wallet, too).

We’ve researched the most adorable pairs of matching father-daughter sneakers online and this is what we found!


Adidas shell tops are in style again. They are everywhere.

Get a pair of these Adidas classics for you and your daughter and you both will be stylin’. The photo above is from the kids section, but you’d never guess because the kids and adult shoes look so similar.

Imagine a father daughter day out and how many heads would turn to look at the cuteness that is upon them.

Not only that, but if she hasn’t learned to tie her shoes yet, this is a wonderful experience to teach her. You’ll be wearing the exact same pair of shoes, so you can teach her how to tie laces and use your own as an example.

Ok, keep reading and try not to shed a tear!


Though technically some of these pairs of are not sneakers, we just had to include Sperry. They did devote a whole section to parent/child shoe matching!

Sperry has a section specifically for kids to wear shoes like their parents called “Just Like Mom and Dad.” They have lots of adorable miniature sized shoes that are otherwise identical to what their parent would wear.

All of the shoes in this special section are shoes that a father could buy and match with his daughter. Go hiking, boating, or take a walk in the forest, braving the elements together in matching Sperrys.

How cute!


Universally cool, timelessly in fashion, Converse a fantastic choice for the rocker/alternative dad when matching shoes with his daughter.

These shoes look like they could easily be adult shoes. That’s because Converse offers most of the same styles in adult, so matching father daughter shoes are super easy (and cheap!) to acquire.


Like most of these choices, Vans are always in style. Easy to slip on and off, they made a practical kids shoe. Take advantage of the efficiency of the shoe and buy a pair for yourself as well!

Dressed up or dressed down, these vans come in a variety of colors and choices to wear to different events. Wear them on a walk to the park, a day at the playground, or celebrating someone’s birthday.

Whatever the choice, the people around you will be delighted.


Light up your day and grab two pairs of light up sneakers – one for you and one for her!

Who knew light up shoes would not only come back in style, but that they would become hugely popular with adults of all ages?

Skechers offers adult male light up sneakers along with the kids. Imagine walking around the mall in matching light up shoes. So many kids will see and tell their parents they want to do the same!

Light up birthday parties, weddings, and anything else that calls for fun!


What’s cuter than tiny Nikes?

Be the coolest father daughter duo in town by grabbing a pair of matching Nikes. They’re comfortable, so you can walk around all day sporting your favorite athletic brand while father daughter bonding.

If you want to make it even more darling, you could even buy completely matching nike outfits.

Maybe that’s not such a good idea, because people will probably start fainting of cuteness-overload at that point.

Air Jordan

For those who are more into Jordans, there are unbelievably cute matching father daughter sneakers to buy.

These pairs definitely run higher on the price range, but true Jordan fans will sacrifice for their favorite brand.

You will be sporty along with your stylish daughter. Teach her how to pair Jordans with pants, jeans, and shirts for that perfect look. You’ll both be the talk of the neighborhood!


Dress simply in clean white Keds. They go with almost any outfit, and most importantly, you’ll match with your daughter. Heck, the whole family could wear these together!

She can wear these with a light sundress or dressed down in jeans and a t-shirt along with her father. However they’re worn, they’ll look nice. Afterall, they’re Keds!

The only challenge, of course, will be teaching her how to clean them clean.

Father Daughter Bonding

Sure, matching pairs of shoes is cute and all, but what it’s really about is bonding! Unforgettable childhood moments like this will live on in her memory forever.

Honestly though, you could wear matching shoes well into her adult life and it would still be awesome.

Nike is launching their most expensive shoes ever this fall but put a halt to their famous midnight launches.

At $315 the LeBron X’s will be Nike’s priciest sneakers to date after the Oregon based firm hiked their costs by five to ten percent to reflect increased production costs and a decline in profits.

And on top of the financial demand made to their devotees, Nike will no longer sanction midnight launches for their new line after recent outbreaks of violence at malls and Nike stores amongst those who have camped for days at a time to get their hands on the sneakers first.

Known for their superstar endorsed products such as Air Jordan’s, the new LeBron X’s will come complete with motion sensors to measure exactly how high the wearer jumps.

The sneakers were unveiled by NBA superstar LeBron James during the 2012 gold medal basketball game between the United States and Spain at the London Olympics.

However, Nike have said that they are not pushing up prices in an effort to squeeze consumers.

“We are constantly looking at ways to enhance the product line with the new innovation and product attributes,” said Nike spokesman Mary Remuzzi to the Wall Street Journal.

Nike is launching their most expensive shoes ever LeBron X this fall but put a halt to their famous midnight launches

Nike is launching their most expensive shoes ever LeBron X this fall but put a halt to their famous midnight launches

Some though, have reacted with outrage to the price hike at a time of economic uncertainty in the United States.

“As unemployment ravages the working class, our lower and higher education systems shudder in crisis, and murder decimates our forgotten urban poverty zones, Nike is rolling out it first $300+ sneaker,” said Hamilton Nolan on Gawker.

“But mom, you don’t understand – it’s worth it.”

Indeed, the president of the National Urban League to drop the price for the new sneakers, saying that he has taken “incessant phone calls and emails” from angry consumers who can’t afford the new shows.

Marc Morial, who is president of the civil-rights group and the former mayor of New Orleans, responded to the reports on Tuesday from the Wall Street Journal about the apparent price hike.

“It’s the consumer’s choice after all, but it’s insensitive to market a $300 shoe to kids and teenagers as people are going back to school and struggling to buy school supplies,” said Marc Morial to the Wall Street Journal.

“This is not food, this is not rent, it’s a single pair of sneakers.”

Outrage against the pricing has quickly spread, with members of the public openly wondering why Nike are starting the line at such a high price.

“Prices are getting crazy excessive and as long as we continue to buy sneakers, Nike is going to keep increasing the prices,” said Donell Brown, 30, who owns a cleaning services company in Dearborn, Mich.

“Mr. Brown said he and his friends have been posting messages on Twitter and YouTube, urging other longtime sneaker fans not to buy the pricier LeBron shoes and to forgo waiting in line for new sneaker releases.

“Nike’s price increases are also being felt at the lower end: The venerable Converse Chuck Taylor All-Star sneaker now costs $50 compared with $45 a year ago.”

The LeBron 9 retailed for $170 when it was launched, but the latest shoe endorsed by the Miami Heat superstar is almost twice as much.

However, Nike have responded to the Journal’s story calling the price “inaccurate”, stating that the shoe is available without the motion detector embedded in the sneaker.

“The LeBron X will be launched in the fall at a suggested retail price of $180,” said Brian Strong in a statement to ESPN.

“The initial introduction of the LeBron X will be the red, white and blue Nike+ enabled version and that price is still being set, but will be at a higher price to reflect the Nike+ technology embedded in the shoes.”

At the same time as Nike are facing a backlash for the LeBron X price, they are issuing a memo to all official Nike retailers to no loner pre-sell or take reservations for shoes and to ban midnight openings.

“If a retailer offers Nike products for sale under circumstances where the retailer knows or should know that consumer response is likely to be exceptionally high, it must do so in a prudent and responsible way,” said an official memo seen by the Wall Street Journal.

“Retailers should assess what measure are necessary to secure the store and ensure the safety of personnel and consumers.”

In February, Foot Locker canceled the release of the $220 Nike Air Foamposite shoe when 100 Orlando police in riot gear arrived to break up fights that had started among customers camping out for the 4:00 a.m. release of the sneaker.


Michael Jordan, the legendary Chicago Bulls player, has just got engaged to his long term partner, Cuban-American model Yvette Prieto.

Michael Jordan, 48, and Yvette Prieto, 32, have been dating for the last three years.

The former basketball star got down on one knee recently, and his spokeswoman confirmed today Yvette Prieto had accepted his proposal.

However, the spokeswoman added that rumors Michael Jordan was spending this week celebrating on a private yacht overseas were untrue.

So far there are no details about when they plan to walk down the aisle.

Michael Jordan, the legendary Chicago Bulls player, has just got engaged to his long term partner, Cuban-American model Yvette Prieto

Michael Jordan, the legendary Chicago Bulls player, has just got engaged to his long term partner, Cuban-American model Yvette Prieto

Michael Jordan has been married once before, and was with his first wife Juanita for 17 years before their relationship ended in divorce in 2006.

Michael Jordan and Juanita had two sons together, Jeffrey, 23, and 12-year-old Marcus, and both went on to play the game that made their father famous at university. They also have an 18-year-old daughter Jasmine.

The couple had been set to get divorced in 2002, but they attempted an unsuccessful reunion, before finally dissolving their marriage in 2006.

Juanita’s reported $168 million divorce settlement was the biggest celebrity settlement up to that point.

Michael Jordan has had an eventful time since finally retiring from the NBA following a spell at the Washington Wizards in 2003.

He was fired from his position as the Wizards’ director of basketball operations that same year, and went on to concentrate on playing charity golf tournaments, promoting his Nike clothing brand and riding motorbikes.

However, Michael Jordan also set up a motor-racing team called Michael Jordan Motorsports in 2004, and bought a stake in NBA side the Charlotte Bobcats in 2006.

He extended his stake in the latter, and became the side’s majority owner last year.

Michael Jordan is considered by many to be the finest basketball player off all-time, and his trademark slam dunks led to him being named Air Jordan and His Airness by fans.

Nike used his nickname to produce the Air Jordan brand of training shoes and other athletics apparel that have become a worldwide sales phenomenon.