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The FBI has re-released pictures taken after 9/11 attack on the Pentagon six years after they were first released.

The 27 images show fire crews battling the blaze, as well as recovery teams and investigators searching the rubble.

American Airlines Flight 77, travelling from Virginia to LA, slammed into the building at around 09:37 local time on September 11, 2001.

Image source FBI

According to the authorities, the plane struck between the first and second floors of the Pentagon, killing 184 people.

It was previously thought that the images had been newly released because of the fresh date stamp.

However, FBI spokeswoman Jillian Stickels said the pictures were first posted online in 2011.

A technical glitch caused them to disappear from the site for an undetermined period of time, Jilian Stickels added.

The pictures were restored in recent days to public view once the FBI learned they were missing, she said.