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6 Common Dieting Mistakes to Avoid


Most people who start diets don’t see them through to the end. They fail to achieve the kind of results they’re hoping for because they make some of the dieting mistakes we’re going to list for you below.

Cutting Out All the Foods You Like

Going from eating whatever you want to eating a very restricted diet is incredibly difficult. Most people do not have the willpower to keep up with a diet like that, and so they fall back on the foods that are not good for them and that they’re trying to avoid eating. If you want more success in your diet, try to pick a diet that allows you to have some cheat days or at least lets you have some of the foods you really like. One way you can make this work with most diets is to modify your favorite foods to make them compatible with the diet and yet still taste good. Check out a variety of recipes for your favorite foods online to see if there are any that gel with the kind of diet you’re wanting to go on.

Not Tracking the Diet

If you’re not keeping track of what you’re doing on your diet and what you’re supposed to be doing, you’ll quickly fall off the rails. Your diet won’t work very well if you don’t constantly keep in mind what you’re supposed to be eating. A diet is a constant balancing act between doing what you’re supposed to be doing and trying to control what you want to do. If you’re tracking your diet and keeping up with what you’re taking in, you’ll be more likely to see the success clearly and keep going. It’s really important to keep track of your meals and see how far you’ve come in order to stay motivated.

Not Planning Ahead

It may be fairly easy to plan out the foods that you eat at home, but what about when you go out to eat? If you don’t have a chance to make the food yourself, how are you going to ensure that you’re eating foods that are part of your diet wherever you decide to eat? You may have to carefully choose restaurants and check out their menus before you visit them. Otherwise, you could feel compelled to eat something that’s not part of your diet.

You also have to plan ahead very well with your grocery shopping to make sure that you have foods at home that work with the diet. It’s really easy to fall out of proper eating habits just because you didn’t plan very well. You may end up taking a trip to the corner shop to get a quick snack fix because you don’t have something at home to eat, and then you could end up eating snacks you’ll regret later.

Planning is incredibly important for your diet to make sure that you are eating foods that are consistent with the diet and that you have them on hand for when you need them.

Getting Stressed Often

Everybody gets stressed from time to time and needs a chance to settle down and collect their thoughts. However, if you feel stressed a lot of the time, you’re likely to make poor dietary decisions. You may turn to the foods that give you comfort, which could be unhealthy for you or not part of your approved diet.

When you binge eat foods for comfort, this is called stress eating, and it’s really difficult to keep up a diet with that kind of behavior. So, you want to look for ways to reduce your stress. The diet can be really taxing on you, so you may want to hire other people to handle some responsibilities for you. Maybe you need a little help with the house cleaning and want to hire professionals who do that occasionally. You may want to take a taxi or an Uber when you need to go somewhere and you’re stressed rather than trying to drive yourself. You’ll also be less likely to stop off somewhere and get something unhealthy to eat this way.

There are many other ways you can help yourself and decrease or eliminate stress. Some of the more common methods are to lie down, listen to relaxing music, talk to a friend, read a book, or watch a movie. These kinds of activities can switch your brain over to something else so that it doesn’t feel as stressed and threatened.

Setting the Standard too High

What kind of dietary standards should you be setting for yourself? The mistake that a lot of people make when they’re starting a diet is that they set their goals too high or they expect too much for themselves. They may try to change their entire range of dietary habits, switching up when they eat, what they eat, and how they eat. This level of change can be so difficult to keep up with that they end up quitting on their diet. It’s a lot easier to start low and slow and work your way up to the standard you want to achieve. This way, you can acclimate yourself and prepare your body and brain for what you’re trying to do. While it may take longer to reach your goals, you’re more likely to reach them at some point.

Cutting Back Food Too Much

The final dieting mistake we want to cover is cutting out too much food from your diet. If you’re restricting how much you eat in a big way, you’re going to cause your energy levels to plummet, and you may not have the energy to get through the day. You’re also going to affect your mood and make yourself feel weak and lethargic, and you may have trouble focusing. When you’re preparing yourself for a diet, you want to ease into it so that you don’t try to do too much at once and do more than your body can handle.