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How to Increase the Level of Privacy in Your Garden


Your garden is your sanctuary, but if it’s overlooked by your neighbors or passers-by, you might start to feel uncomfortable and unable to relax. However, if you resort to just planting tall trees around your garden or installing a large fence, you might end up spoiling your own view and reducing the amount of light that can reach your garden. This will not only make it harder for you to enjoy your garden, but it will also make it more difficult for your plants to thrive as they won’t get enough sunlight.

Therefore, you’ll have to get a bit creative if you want to improve the level of privacy in your garden without blocking too much sunlight. Keep on reading to discover a few helpful ideas.

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Trees and shrubs

It’s not a great idea to plant very tall trees all along the perimeter of your garden, but planting some small trees throughout this space can help you add a bit more privacy to certain areas. For example, you could plant some small trees and shrubs around your outdoor seating area, creating a natural screen for this part of your garden.

The perfect tree for this task is definitely the redbud tree. These flowering redbud trees are small in stature and don’t have very dense foliage, so they won’t block too much sunlight. In addition, these ornamental trees have beautiful pink blossoms, so they’ll really liven up your garden too.


If you don’t want to create a natural screen with trees or shrubs, then you could always buy one instead. As mentioned above, your outdoor seating area is the perfect place to add a privacy screen, especially if you’re worried about neighbors overlooking this area. To add even more privacy, you could use a trellis as a screen and grow plants on it. These plants will create a more natural screen for your outdoor seating area, which can be both beautiful and effective.


To stop neighbors from looking into your garden from above, you’ll need privacy solutions that tackle this line of sight. For your outdoor seating area, the best solution is to buy a parasol that can either stand freely or be attached to an outdoor table. In addition to increasing your privacy, a parasol will also protect you from the sun while you’re relaxing outside in the summer, so there are multiple benefits!


Rather than just getting a parasol, you could invest in a large pergola to cover your entire outdoor seating area. Since pergolas consist of many pillars and beams, they don’t obstruct your own view too much and don’t block too much sunlight, so they can provide the perfect amount of privacy without spoiling your garden. However, if you do need more privacy, then you could always cover your pergola more with plants or fabric covering – this second option is also great if you need more shade.

Having privacy in your garden is essential if you want to feel comfortable and relaxed. Try out these helpful tips to increase the level of privacy in your garden without blocking too much sunlight.

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