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Who are Compass Real Estate?


If you are considering buying or selling a property anytime soon then you will want to find a reputable broker who can help guide you through the process and help you navigate the world of real estate. A company that has really made a mark on the industry in the past ten years is Compass Real Estate. Despite the fact that some people have been asking “are the company in trouble?” you can find from looking at their history, values, and reviews that they can help you complete your transaction without issue.

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One major concern for people when looking for a reliable real estate company is whether or not the company operates legitimately. When looking to team up with a company you are unfamiliar with you might start to worry about whether it is reputable or if it is possibly a pyramid scheme. This is especially relevant if you are new to real estate trading as it can be difficult to navigate an industry you have no experience in. Whilst there are some companies out there that operate unscrupulously, Compass prides itself on its integrity and honesty.

They work as a broker for real estate agents and this allows them to earn a commission for the work they have undertaken on closing sales. Despite the fact that much of the work Compass does is undertaken online, they actually have approximately 300 physical offices located across the United States. This means that if you choose to, you can visit them in person to discuss your needs.

Compass is a relatively new company and has only been in operation for approximately a decade, but they do have a great number of success stories under its belt. Their great success and massive growth over the years can be attributed to the unique way in which they operate – the hybrid of cutting-edge technology and traditional real estate techniques. In addition to the large number of sales they have made, they have also gained a few awards over the years. They have received two Webby Awards, one for Websites and Mobile Sites and another in the Real Estate 2019 category. They also held on to the title of People’s Voice Winner for websites and mobile sites for two years in a row.

A notable quality of Compass Real Estate is the values that the CEO, Robert Reffkin, brings to the table. Reffkin is an influential PoC making a name for himself in the industry whilst also helping to raise over $1 million for charity through competing in marathons across all 50 states. He even set up his own charity! For this reason alone, many people find that they choose Compass simply because of the impressive and inspirational role model that runs the company based on his own high moral values.

Despite the fact that Compass Real Estate is not a long-running business, they have proven their value and made great leaps and bounds since its inception. Due to their success over the years as well as their ability to use a purpose-built mobile app, and merge in-person and online communication, then they may very well be the right company for you.

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