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Puerto Rico Blackout After Power Plant Explosion

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Thousands of households have been left without electricity after a huge fire broke out at a power plant in Puerto Rico.

Footages on social media show plumes of smoke rising from the flames at a sub-station in the capital, San Juan.

The fire broke out shortly after the company reported a cyber-attack, which has not yet been linked to fire.

The Caribbean island has struggled with rolling blackouts ever since Hurricane Maria largely destroyed its electrical grid in 2017.

Some Puerto Ricans were left without electricity for nearly a year after the storm.

Puerto Rico Blackout Hits 3.4 Million People

Hurricane Maria Leaves Puerto Rico Without Power

A private company – Luma Energy – took over operation and maintenance of Puerto Rico’s power system this month.

On June 10, Luma Energy said that the fire broke out at the Monacillo power distribution plant soon after the company website was hit with two million visits per second, in a cyber-attack known as a denial of service.

Outages have already affected more than one million households in Puerto Rico so far this month.

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