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3 Great Ways to Announce the News of Important Milestones


A lot can happen in a year. From finding out you’re expecting a new bundle of joy to eventually welcoming your little one, to getting engaged and then married, to adopting pets or buying a house, these milestone occasions are worth celebrating — and not just with those you see on a daily or weekly basis.

When it comes to sharing this important news with more distant friends and family members, though, never underestimate the power of a traditional paper card.

Looking for a thoughtful way to announce news of important milestones? Here are three great ideas you’ll love.

1. Add the News to Your Christmas Card

Sending Christmas cards to family and friends is a warm and welcoming holiday tradition. For many, receiving such wishes is one of the highlights of the season, and perhaps a chance to send and receive a little love from those you can’t be physically close to during the festive season.

Christmas cards are also a great way to update those friends and family members about major changes in your life that have happened in the past year.

When your loved ones are already anticipating a card, they’ll be even more excited to learn about the exciting news that you’re looking to announce. Whether you bought a new house or adopted a pet, adding a note and a photo to your custom Christmas cards is a great way to let everyone on your list know.

2. Send an Engagement Announcement or Save-the-Date

While weddings seem to become more extravagant year after year, the average length of an engagement is surprisingly short. In fact, most couples are only engaged for just 12 to 18 months before they tie the knot.

When you know you’ll only be engaged for a short time, it might be tempting to skip over formal traditions in favor of something quick and easy. But before you text or post to social media about the news, you might want to reconsider.

Sending an engagement announcement or even a save-the-date is a special gesture befitting of the occasion. Not only is it exciting mail for your friends and loved ones to receive, but it also acts as a special moment of your all-too-short engagement period.

3. Mail a Birth Announcement

In a time when social media reigns supreme, it’s no surprise that many parents choose to announce the arrival of their new little bundle of joy via a carefully worded, perfectly photographed Instagram or Facebook post. When you’re excited to share the news and want to show off your little one’s already adorable looks, it’s understandable that you’d opt for social media to get the word out as quickly as possible.

Regardless if you decide to post to social media, mailing a birth announcement is still an important tradition to keep. For grandparents, distant aunts and uncles, and even close friends, a beautiful paper birth announcement — especially one featuring a photo of your little one — is a great keepsake. Whether they display it on their refrigerator until they get to meet your newborn in-person or tuck it away in a scrapbook, it’s a small, simple token that can mean a lot to your friends and family members.

Sharing Your Big Moments

From birth and engagement announcements to sharing smaller milestones on your Christmas card, these are all great ways to celebrate life’s moments, both big and small, with your friends and loved ones near and far!