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How to Up Your Branded Video Content


No matter the industry you’re in, whether you sell goods or services, or the size of your business, branded video content is an incredibly effective and useful marketing tool. That said, some people shy away from it in the worry that it is too complicated, or they would have to hire external freelancers to be able to create it. Thankfully, that’s not the case, and here is how you can up your video content in business.


As with all things, when it comes to brand identity and online presence, keeping to your brand guidelines is incredibly important. By using branded video content you are ensuring that your content is instantly recognisable and wherever it is shared, it is clear where it has come from. If you use Bynder’s video brand studio, you are able to quickly and easily add your own branding to the videos you create, with very little effort. Think about your brand colors and images, but also the voice and style of your brand to ensure that all your digital assets work together seamlessly.

Make it platform ready

Once you’ve created the videos, you will want to share them across YouTube, Facebook, and Instagram, but each of those requires different dimensions and specifications. If you get this wrong, the video will end up looking weird on different platforms and really takes away from the professionalism. You can automatically export from Bynder to the channel you need and it will set your video to the right specifications without altering the look of your video.

Get personal

Why not utilise real team members from the company to be part of the videos? People connect to people and seeing faces can add more of a personality to a brand. Showing the face behind the work can really endear people to your company as they can see the human side of your products or service. You might have some secret actors or models within your team!

Add music

Choosing the right royalty-free music can set the vibe for the whole video and also add an extra dimension. Choose music that works with your message, and ensure it fits with your brand too. You could use a small sting, or piece of music in each video that helps cement your brand in the eyes (or ears) of your potential customers).

Create shareable content

You can pay for ads of course, but getting organic reach is also really important and of course, a much cheaper way to get your video in front of potential clients. Create a video that people will want to share – perhaps it’s impressive, relatable, informative, or has a great offer on it.

As you can see, video can make a huge difference to scaling up your business and by really being creative and strategic with the video content you put out, you can ensure you are really making the most of what the medium has to offer.