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Video Script & Voice In Harmony? Checkout These Expert Tips

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If you’re recording a video with a voice over these tips will help you make sure everything is in sync for a successful result.

If you are about to start recording with a professional voice artist you can ensure that the script and vocals are in harmony by making sure everything is well and truly planned out. Relying on everything working out on the day is a recipe for disaster, especially if your project is on a tight budget. Check out these expert tips to help you get your script and voice actor well in sync, for the perfect video voice over results:

Get Your Direction Right

Your artist can only do so much to interpret your script and needs. Directing them well, gives them the extra details they need to fully bring your words to life. Be prepared to fully guide them so they know what to give you. If you don’t seem like you know what you want, they can only go so far to perform well. If you’re unsure what you want, try working with the voice over service to get a better idea of direction down. That way when the big day comes, you’ll know exactly how to guide your voice actor.

Who Is Your Voice Actor?

You can work with your professional voice over company to ensure you get the right actor for the job. This is a head start as to getting the right tone for your video. Beyond that it can help to create a character for your voice actor. Even if you’re making up the background, it will give your actor more to work with. Are they the angry customer? The theatre guide? The helpful sales person? The more they know, the closer to your idea they can get.

Who Is Your Actor Addressing?

If an actor doesn’t know who a letter they are reading is for, they may interpret the words differently to how you intended them to be read. Let them know who their target audience is. If they know they are reading to, for example, a lonely singleton, talking about a dating app, they may add more hopefulness to their voice. Knowing who they are speaking to will change the tone in their voice for a more targeted performance.

Be Descriptive

Being descriptive can be really helpful for a voice over actor when they are reading your script. This is especially true if you are sending directions through with your script and you won’t be there when they record. Try using words that go further than basic description. For example; instead of feminine, use the words soft, gentle and kind.

Give Examples

Voice recording examples from Youtube or other channels, like this video, can be useful for giving your voice actor something solid to work from. Your professional voice over service should have a library of examples for you to listen to yourself which you can then select for reference.

Set The Mood

You can set the mood for your voice actor with music, recordings of dialogue for the video, or with visuals they can see. Let them have those things before your recording session so they can get into the role beforehand.

Be Clear About Pronunciation

Pronounciation should never be assumed, especially if you have an actor with a regional accent, or if you are using regional dialect. Make extremely specific notes on your script about how things are pronounced and if you are unsure, check those details before the recording. The last thing you want is having to re-record because of multiple mispronunciations that don’t align with your video message.

With the right planning and a great voice over service you can ensure your voice over recording and script are well aligned. The result will hopefully be a fantastic, professional voice over that completely fits with your video script, for a fantastic reception from your target audience.

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