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5 Mobile Development Tools Accelerating Enterprise Deployments In 2020

There are several mobile development tools accelerating enterprise deployments in 2020. Since COVID-19 lockdowns, business app usage has surged over 200% compared to 2019 data. As enterprises switch to remote settings, productivity, collaboration, and video conferencing software are in high demand. Similarly, some companies now need custom software to simplify the way you run your small business in the new work environment. With this rapidly growing market, mobile app developers need the latest tools to increase their delivery speed. This way, you can meet increasing customer demands as you grow your enterprise. Read on to learn about the most important mobile development tools accelerating enterprise deployments in 2020.

Native App IDEs

First, native integrated development environments (IDEs) are one of the most important mobile tools to boost efficiency. With native software, you can develop applications for a particular system, platform, or device. Typically, native development software integrates sophisticated code editing tools to increase your programming efficiency. For example, some iOS environments utilize live rendering interfaces to display your user interface code as you write it. This feature instantly reflects changes in your code, allowing you to notice functional errors quicker. Certainly, unified design and coding processes makes native IDEs a great tool to increase your development efficiency.

Application Design Templates

Next, application design templates are another tool that has dominated the app market in recent years. Undoubtedly, designing an application from scratch uses your enterprise’s time, money, and resources. Using a design template, you can develop attractive applications faster. In addition, templates often have a built-in user-friendly UI. Importantly, user-friendly applications tend to rank higher in the app store. In this way, you can actually increase your app’s exposure and usability together. Fortunately, many templates are easily customizable and free to use. Nevertheless, always check the licenses and terms of use before using any design. This is key to using them properly. Surely, application design templates are a perfect time-saving solution to accelerate your mobile enterprise deployments.

Advanced Container Registries

In addition, you can also install an advanced container registry to accelerate your enterprise deployment speeds in 2020. Containerization software provides a single access point to organize your Docker images. For example, JFrog’s Container registries integrate into your build system to support your Kubernetes deployments. With this mobile app tool, you can avoid Docker Hub retention issues and increase your development efficiency. Additionally, advanced container registries are built to scale with your enterprise. As you take on more clients and develop more applications, it is essential to use a container software that supports your growth. In short, advanced container registries offer reliable scalable storage solutions to boost your mobile app development efficiency.

Open-Source Automation Frameworks

Moreover, open-source automation frameworks are also key mobile app development tools to accelerate your delivery speed. These powerful frameworks are powered by artificial intelligence, or AI. Many automation frameworks support code reuse across various native mobile platforms. This is essential to save time as you write your programs. In addition, some automation frameworks allow you to create user interface tests for your mobile app. Typically, these frameworks support multiple programming languages. Then, you can integrate these tests into your continuous integration (CI) server to automate your testing process. For this reason, open-source automation frameworks are great accessible mobile tools to increase your build, test, and deployment speed.

Low-Code Visual Development Platforms

Furthermore, low-code visual development platforms are another tool to increase your deployment efficiency this year. Namely, these platforms are designed to accelerate the development process. This allows your enterprise to evolve with tech industry trends. Typically, these platforms utilize user-friendly drag and drop tools, allowing you to develop apps quickly. Some low-code tools infuse AI and machine learning technology to reduce friction and errors as well. These features can also guide you throughout the development process and can even automate some of your build procedures. Definitely, low-code visual development platforms are another tools to accelerate your 2020 deployment times.

There are several mobile development tools accelerating enterprise deployments in 2020. First, you should utilize react-native IDEs, especially when coding for a specific mobile device. Next, application design templates offer user-friendly UIs, while increase build efficiency. In addition, you can install an advanced container registry to store your Docker images reliably and efficiently. Moreover, open-source automation frameworks are great resources for code reuse and continuous integration server integration. Furthermore, low-code development platforms utilize AI to reduce errors as you build. Implement these mobile development tools to accelerate enterprise deployments in 2020.