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Wayne Dolcefino Contempt Conviction Overturned

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Press release

The Texas Court of Criminal Appeals has voted unanimously to overturn the contempt conviction of Dolcefino Consulting President Wayne Dolcefino.

Wayne Dolcefino was jailed in June by Harris County Criminal Court at Law Number 16 Judge Darrell Jordan, who falsely claimed he had interrupted a court hearing. Hidden camera video proved Judge Jordan was lying.

Harris County Judge Accused of Racial Bias and Misconduct

An investigation by Dallas County District Attorney John Creuzot, serving as a Pro-Tem prosecutor had recommended the conviction be overturned.

“Applicant is entitled to habeas corpus relief,” the opinion reads. “The contempt of court allegation is not supported by the habeas corpus record.”

“First, I thank the appeals court judges for correcting this injustice. However, Judge Jordan’s criminal misconduct will not stand,” said Dolcefino. “This rogue judge lets career criminals walk out of court and throws me in jail because of our investigations into public corruption.  Stay tuned.”

The entire confrontation in Judge Darrell Jordan’s court was captured on hidden camera, without his knowledge.

A continuing Dolcefino Consulting investigation since the Dolcefino’s wrongful conviction revealed Judge Jordan has been the subject of multiple complaints filed with the State Commission on Judicial Conduct – including one filed by the Harris County District Attorney’s Office. That complaint alleged misconduct and racial bias and is available on www.dolcefino.com

Judge Darrell Jordan was re-elected on November 3.

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