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Style Guide for Your Breast Size

Image by Luisella Planeta Leoni from Pixabay

From first measuring the circumference of your chest where the band of the bra lies to measuring how far the flesh of your breasts protrude from the sternum, there are a lot of combinations of breast sizes to work with! For example, Victoria’s Secret alone carries forty-two bra sizes – and that is only 30AA to 40DDD, which in no way includes the needs of all bra wearers! To put it simply, our bodies are unique, from the color of our hair to the size and shape of our breasts, even if you cannot afford a boob job cost.

While body positivity and self-love are all the hype these days, not everyone has the strength to push through their insecurities. As a result, many go for cosmetic procedures. But what about those who cannot afford to have a breast lift, a breast implant, or a breast reduction surgery? The answer is simple: dress to compliment your body. While accepting our unique figure, we can also figure out the best style guide for ourselves by selecting the best bra for your breast shape!

There are many breast shapes out there, big, small, saggy, tuberous, asymmetrical. Whatever they are, there is always a piece of clothing that will look good on you.

Small Breasts

Small breasts are comfy, not only because they are lightweight, but you can also throw a basic tank top with nice accessories and turn heads. Small breasts also look sexy with a deep V neck t-shirt. The best bra for this type of breasts is push up bras, as they make them look larger if you ever need them.

Big Breasts

If your breasts are big and full, it might be hard for you to fit into fitted shirts. You can try dark colors to make your chest look smaller in size if you feel uncomfortable flaunting your big breasts. Oversize T-shirts and pullovers also look the best on you. Avoid wearing tops with too many details on the breast area as those details will draw more attention to your breasts. You can choose bras that will lift your breasts and draw them in. The best bra for such breasts is a plunge bra.

Saggy and Tuberous Breasts 

For saggy and tuberous breasts, there are many bras that will correct their shape and lift them. You can visit your local bra store and find the best bra for yourself with trial and error. The most common problem associated with this breast type is a lot of bras will gap at the top of the cup due to loss in breast tissue mass. A demi bra or balcony bra will work great to remedy this problem. You don’t like bras? You can also go nipple free! As long as you have the right bra on, you can dress up anyway you like.

Asymmetric Breasts

Since no one is perfectly symmetrical, essentially 100% of women have asymmetric breasts to some degree. However, when the difference in the size of the breasts is noticeable, the breasts are called asymmetric breasts. Getting measured for a bra when you have asymmetrical breasts can be quite tricky. Try finding a bra for the larger breast since it will wear more comfortably while still giving you room to adjust to the smaller breast. For the smaller breast, use small inserts or breast pads to add volume, so it is fully supported and gives the breasts an even look.


If your boobs are not closely packed, and your nipples point outward, away from the center of your body, then your breast type is East-West. To compliment your body, and shape your breasts, it is important to choose a bra that will draw your boobs in. Get a bra without any seams at the sides that could damage or chafe the sensitive nipples. Most commonly, a woman with an east-west bust should go for a comfortable moulded cup bra or a T-shirt bra.


Breasts are the most prominent feature of a woman’s body. Breasts add contour and convexity to the figure. However, breast shape and size is a touchy subject for women – Why? Whether it is small breasts or large, every woman feels insecure about the look of her breasts in one way or another. Regardless of appearance, everyone deserves to look and feel sexy, so it does not matter how your breasts look, as long as you put on the right outfit. So, find a comfortable and flattering bra which will make you feel both comfortable and confident!