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4th of July: Fireworks in The Bosarge Divorce Case


The Freedom Over Texas fireworks show will still take place on July 4th but there are fireworks today in the highly publicized divorce fight between Houston billionaire Ed Bosarge and his wife of more than 30 years, Marie.

Dolcefino Consulting has learned Marie Bosarge alerted the Internal Revenue Service to where they can look for Ed’s secret money stashes in a rather unique way.

We have now obtained a part of Marie’s solo tax return from 2017 — the year that Ed Bosarge filed for divorce. The numbers are not so important but at the end of her tax return Marie added “Exhibit A” — a document from financial services powerhouse BDO. The document lists all of the trusts and entities that BDO had discovered that were connected to Ed Bosarge.

Image source: edbosarge.com

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Some of the trusts and entities have some pretty unique names. Spotted Leopard. New Ostrich. Big Bird Partners. Black Rhino. Mountain Song. Last Samurai. Dangerous Beauty. More than 150 trusts and entities listed over five pages.

Marie claims that after thirty years of marriage, Ed left her dead broke and that he is hiding billions of dollars in secretive trusts in South Dakota and around the world. The jury trial in the Bosarge divorce is delayed by the Coronavirus pandemic.

In recent documents filed in the divorce case, Marie’s lawyers claim that Ed is refusing to turn over necessary financial records that can help her prove the fraud and other key elements of her case.

The highly publicized Bosarge case may pit Texas courts against South Dakota courts. If a Texas jury finds that Ed committed fraud, will South Dakota allow Marie to get what is hers out of the South Dakota trusts or will South Dakota simply ignore the rulings and the will of courts in Texas? Stay tuned.