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How to Exercise Safely During the COVID-19 Lockdown


The coronavirus has affected nearly every aspect of modern life. From movie theaters, to sporting events, to bars and restaurants, virtually no industry has been spared from lockdowns and cancellations. Of course, most gyms and fitness centers have also closed down for the time being. However, it’s still important for health-conscious individuals to exercise –– even during this pandemic. Fortunately, it is possible to stick to a fitness regimen without putting yourself or others at risk. Here are a few ways how:

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Work Out Indoors

Though you may not be able to go to the gym, it’s still possible to engage in a solid exercise session in your own home. Individuals can use treadmills, weights, or yoga mats to exercise on their own at home. Make sure to designate a space for exercise inside of your house, and try to avoid any unnecessary distractions. Don’t try and watch television while working out, and avoid busy areas like your kitchen, for instance.

Go on Walk, Run, or Jog

If you or someone you know has been exposed to COVID-19, or if you or someone you know has experienced COVID-19 symptoms, it’s important to maintain a stringent self quarantine for several weeks. However, for others who haven’t been exposed, it’s still possible to take a walk, run, or jog around their neighborhood or local park. Just ensure that you maintain proper social distancing while outside of your home. Also, wash your hands thoroughly after you work out –– especially outside of your home. Lastly, don’t join up with friends or neighbors for a work-out session in the park or elsewhere.

Avoid Overexertion

If you’re bored and tired of staying inside, you might find yourself motivated to push yourself during your next work out. While it’s great to be excited about physician fitness, it’s also important not to overexert yourself during workouts, particularly during quarantine. Always stretch and warm up before you begin a workout in earnest, and give yourself plenty of time to recover. Rest days can be crucial for your physical and mental well-being.

Speak to a Doctor

If you experience pain or discomfort during any of your workouts, then don’t hesitate to speak to a doctor. They may be able to recommend a number of treatments, such as minimally invasive bunion surgery for individuals with foot issues, for example.


Staying safe during the lockdown is tough, but necessary. That’s why developing a winning exercise program is so important. It will help you stay fit and reduce stress during this difficult time. Keep these tips handy for future reference!

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